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Samsung to Buy Blackberry?
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 15, 2015

According to Reuters, Korean company Samsung is in talks with Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry over a $7.5 billion deal to buy the company. Reuters is reporting that Samsung (the world?s largest smartphone manufacturer) is interested in Blackberry's rich portfolio of patents and is will to pay $13.35 to $15.49 per share, which is at least 38% over the value of the company.

Samsung Launches Tizen Running Z1
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 14, 2015

Samsung first Tizen based smartphone has walked a long and bumpy road to release, but today the Korean company officially launched the Samsung Z1. This is of course the first ever handset to run Samsung?s own Tizen operating system, a first in what will likely be many handsets over the next few years that pull the company further away from Google's Android.

Samsung Galaxy S6 to have Streamline TouchWiz
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 14, 2015

Samsung is revamping its smartphone portfolio after a 2014 to forget, with the company coming back with fresh designs and a new strategy. The company has been criticized for many things, but arguably the most consistent complaint is over Samsung's TouchWiz Android skin, which often called slow, laggy, and bloated.

Samsung Galaxy S5 gets Android 5.0 Lollipop in the UK
By Luke Jones on Tuesday January 13, 2015

Some region specific models of Samsung's Galaxy S5 flagship smartphones have already started getting the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, Spain and Russia for example. Now the biggest European market, the United Kingdom, can also be added to the growing list as users of the GS5 in that country will now be getting the latest and greatest Android build.

Two Galaxy S6 Devices and a Round Faced Smartwatch
By admin on Tuesday January 13, 2015

A brand new reports seems to add more weight to the rumor that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone flagship will be accompanied by the Galaxy S6 Edge. That second handset will have a folded second screen like the Note Edge and has been oft rumored in the S6 development. Aside from that, it also seems that the talked about round faced Samsung smartwatch will also arrive alongside the flagship handset.

Samsung Launches Galaxy A7
By Luke Jones on Monday January 12, 2015

We have been hearing about it for sometimes, but the Galaxy A7 is finally getting an official release with Samsung announcing the handset today. The Galaxy A series was ushered in late last year, based off the now outgoing Galaxy Alpha, the series made a debut with the A3 and A5 smartphones. Now the daddy of the range, the Galaxy A7, is out and official.

Samsung Launches Galaxy E5 and E7
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 07, 2015

Samsung has launched two new smartphones, the Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7, two devices that drop a tier below the recently launched Galaxy A series and will serve as the company's budget devices. Both handsets carry Samsung's newest design language and though they lack the premium edge of more expensive Galaxy models they are appealing, and arguably the bust budget handsets Sammy has made in some time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be Limited Edition
By Luke Jones on Monday January 05, 2015

The existence of a Galaxy S6 with a curved edge screen is still unknown, even the actual Galaxy S6 is still not official, while some reports say it will get an S6 Edge variant and other say it won't. A new source claims that the Edge device does indeed exist and it will be launched alongside the S6 proper, although it will be a limited edition

Samsung Galaxy S6 Due for CES Appearance This Week
By Luke Jones on Monday January 05, 2015

Rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been running wild over recent weeks, but how close are they to reaching a peak? It is still not clear when the device will be available for you and me to buy, but according to one rumor the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be unveiled during this week at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Disappointment of the Year: Galaxy S5
By admin on Friday January 02, 2015

This is a pretty bold choice we feel, simply because the Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones on the market. However, 2014 was a year in which most of the major vendors raised their game considerably, we're thinking the LG G3, the HTC One M8, iPhone 6, and a number of efforts from Chinese companies. Next to a slew of stunning flagships and even Samsung's later Galaxy Note 4, the S5 looks stale