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Verizon launches HTC One Max, Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini, and Galaxy S III mini
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 21, 2013

Verizon Wireless has a trio of new Android smartphones launching on its network today. As expected based on yesterday's premature reveal, the HTC One Max is now available at Verizon. So too are a pair of Samsung Galaxy mini devices.

Sprint is the worst of the four major carriers in service ratings list
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 21, 2013

Sprint is the third-largest carrier in the United States; however, when it comes to the satisfaction levels of those millions of subscribers, the Now Network is rated as the worst carrier in the country, according to Consumer Reports.

Moto X Android 4.4 KitKat update starting now, phone may launch outside of the United States
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 19, 2013

Despite its reputation as being the last of the major carriers to launch widely available phones or deliver updates, Verizon Wireless is the first of the four major carriers to push out an Android 4.4 KitKat update.

Isis Mobile payments now available nationwide for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon smartphones
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 14, 2013

Isis, the mobile payment joint-venture by three of the largest carriers in the United States, has officially gone nationwide today. After several delays and a lengthy testing phase in only two markets, consumers can now pay for items with their smartphones at thousands of locations throughout the US.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 now updating to Android 4.3
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday October 29, 2013

Verizon has started sending the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to Samsung Galaxy S4 users, enabling support for new Android features and the ability to connect the device to the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch.

Verizon updates Samsung Galaxy S 4 to have Optical Reader, long video record, and bug fixes
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday October 17, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 tied to Verizon Wireless's network has started updating the Samsung Galaxy S 4. It's unfortunately not an upgrade to Android 4.3, but it does provide some small bug fixes and feature adjustments.

Verizon launching the LG G2 Sept. 12 for $199 and an exclusive feature
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday September 05, 2013

We've already seen the LG G2 up close and knew that the phone would launch in the U.S. this month. Now we know exactly when. Verizon Wireless has announced that it will sell the G2 beginning next week, and its model of the phone will have something that others do not.

Verizon Moto X launches August 29
By Andrew Kameka on Monday August 26, 2013

One week after the Motorola Moto X debuted on AT&T, the first Motorola smartphone built from start to finish during the Google era will go on sale at Verizon. The official Verizon Wireless Twitter account has posted that Verizon plans to debut the Moto X online beginning Thursday, August 29, for $199.99 on a two-year agreement. The phone will appear in stores weeks later. The Moto X on Verizon lacks the ability to customize the exterior at the moment, but the phone will be sold in white or black until Verizon joins the Moto Maker ranks at an undisclosed time later this year. Be sure to read the Moto X review to help decide if this will be your next device.

Verizon Wireless LTE will work in New York City Subway stations later this year
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday August 20, 2013

One of the worst things about the New York City subway system is losing cellular service. Verizon Wireless customers will soon be able to scratch that off their list of complaints when the carrier begins offering 3G and 4G LTE service at some New York City subway stations. Partnering with Transit Wireless, Verizon will enable service in 36 stations in Manhattan's midtown and Chelsea areas. Service will then be extended to 40 more stations in midtown and Queens, New York, in early 2014. Verizon is the last of the four major carriers to partner with Transit Wireless.

iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone to get NFC-based Isis mobile payment system
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday July 31, 2013

Isis, the mobile payments joint venture between AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, will finally start its nationwide expansion later this year. The NFC-based payment solution, which currently supports only a few Android phones, will crossover to the three other major smartphone operating systems later this year.