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HTC One X9: A Step in the Right Direction
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 23, 2016

HTC announced the One X9 smartphone, and while it is not the flagship we all want, it is a step in the right direction and an improvement on the One A9, from which it is based. MobileBurn was hugely critical of the One A9 of course, from its lazy design to insulting price, we did not like the handset a great deal.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Up Close: Winning Evolution
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 23, 2016

We have already seen LG?s new G5 flagship, a smartphone that aims for innovation. Samsung was never going to produce something as fresh with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and so it proves with the two flagships revealed at MWC. Sure, fresh innovation may be missing from these handsets, but instead Samsung has set about perfecting devices that were already among the very best on the market anyway.

HP Elite X3 Up Close: A Stunning Windows 10 Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Monday February 22, 2016

The Windows platform has always struggled against the market dominance of Android and the sales might of Apple. Microsoft's OS is very good and gets better all the time, especially in its current Windows 10 guise, but it has always been under supported in terms of high end flagships. Traditional smartphone giants have shied away from the platform, leaving Microsoft to forge its own hardware path.

LG G5: Up Close
By Luke Jones on Monday February 22, 2016

LG has announced its new flagship smartphone, the G5, a handset that shows the South Korean company just can't sit still. Those familiar with last year's G4 and even the autumn launched V10 will know that the G5 is yet another radical departure from LG. The company is arguably the only one really changing up the look of its flagship output through each device.

Apple Holding iPhone 5se Launch Event March 15th
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 02, 2016

Apple is breaking with convention and will launch a bunch of new products this spring. Over recent years Cupertino has shifted its product announcements to the fall, even revealing the Apple Watch in September, six months before it launched. Of course, spring launches are not unprecedented for the company and Apple is returning to the early year launch silly season with three new products that will be announced on March 15th.

Apple, Investors, Sales, and Records Breaking
By Luke Jones on Sunday January 31, 2016

Apple is in the position of celebrating the huge news that it just recorded the most profitable quarter in history ... not in the history of the company, or the history of mobile companies, but just plain old business history. Apple has achieved what no one else has (leave your Fannie Mae ramblings elsewhere). However, the celebrations must be muted because looking to the future there is an increasing realization that the only way is down.

Official Renders of Samsung Galaxy S7
By Luke Jones on Sunday January 31, 2016

Last year's Galaxy S6 was Samsung overhauling its flagship range. It was a ground up build that aimed to change the company's direction, something it succeeded in doing with its premium metal and glass construction. With that in mind, it was unlikely that Sammy would embark on a radical design shift again for the follow up Galaxy S7, and so it proves as these reportedly official renders prove.

Apple and VR, is there another defining product in the tech beast?
By Luke Jones on Saturday January 30, 2016

We think of Apple like this. It is not the innovative company some would have you believe, instead Apple enters an existing but nascent market and makes defining products within it. That's pretty admirable in itself, think how the iPod, iPhone, and iPad impacted their respective markets and you get the picture. Apple is now looking to do the same with virtual reality.

Only 4.5 Million Lumia Handsets Sold in Q4
By Luke Jones on Saturday January 30, 2016

Microsoft has always struggled to become a major player in the mobile hardware market, and it seems no matter what the company does changing the situation may be impossible. Let's look at the last quarter, which was the fourth of 2015, including the Christmas period, and was the first in which the company?s new Windows 10 Mobile platform and related handsets were launched.

LG G5 3D Render
By Luke Jones on Saturday January 30, 2016

LG is not expected to launch its G5 flagship at the Mobile World Conference next month, instead the upcoming handset is likely to make its debut through late spring and early summer. That said, the rumor wheel is just starting to turn and the image you see above is a rendered 3D image that takes into account the rumors regarding the G5 design so far.