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Facebook seeks Samsung's help in building smartphone
By Luke Jones on Wednesday October 15, 2014

The idea of a Facebook smartphone has been talked about for years, with the social network a prime candidate to breakaway into the mobile space. Much of Facebook's revenue and traffic comes from mobile so given its users a dedicated device seems like a good idea on the surface. Despite a few bumps in the road it seems like Facebook has not abandoned the idea entirely and is planning on hooking up with the biggest name in the industry to get the device right... Samsung.

Samsung could be readying new smartphone UI... goodbye TouchWiz?
By Luke Jones on Saturday October 11, 2014

You may think that as the biggest Android vendor, Samsung is the voice of the platform and shows us exactly what Android is all about. However, that is not actually the case because most Android fans dislike Samsung's TouchWiz Android UI, while others outright hate it. Even some Samsung fans admit it has its considerable flaws.

Galaxy Note 4 lands on Amazon in the US, unlocked and without warranty
By Luke Jones on Saturday October 11, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has arrived in the US and is now available to purchase through Amazon, which is selling the unlocked international variant of the phablet flagship. That means the device is available before the official roll out of the US version of the handset on carriers later in October. Of course, to grab the GN4 off Amazon you will have to cough up the full unlocked price, with the white version ($868.99) and black version ($854.88). There is also the same unlocked version available in gold ($904.48).

Verizon updates Samsung Galaxy S4 with new features
By Luke Jones on Friday October 10, 2014

Verizon has confirmed a new update today for its variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that will bring a number of changes to the handset. It is worth noting that this is not a new Android patch for Samsung?s 2013 released flagship smartphone. However, this patch will bring some new functionality to the GS4 and should enhance the general performance of the device.

Galaxy Nexus can now have KitKat and Android L
By Luke Jones on Thursday October 09, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a little long in the tooth now, released in 2011 it is very much from a different era of smartphone technology. It is no surprise that Google has stopped supporting its Nexus device, with the Galaxy Nexus laid to rest last year when Mountain View said it would not be getting Android 4.4 KitKat. However, thanks to a bit of fiddling from developers, it is now possible to run KitKat in a stable condition on the Galaxy Nexus and it is even going to be good for Android L.

Samsung starts Samsung 360 Services for Business
By admin on Wednesday October 08, 2014

Apple and IBM struck a partnership earlier this year that is thought will have wide reaching effects in the business world and will put the two at the forefront of enterprise. Nothing has actually happened yet, but that's the general thinking. So, how do you combat two of the biggest players in the tech industry? Well, if you're Samsung you hit back.

NVIDIA seeks extensive Samsung sales ban in the US
By Luke Jones on Wednesday October 08, 2014

Samsung being in hot water with other companies is nothing new, with the Korean company currently fighting battles with both Apple and Microsoft. However, Sammy has a new problem to deal with after chip manufacturer NVIDIA announced that U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) voted in the company's favor over a recent investigation request.

Samsung says profits to fall by 60% in Q3... future looking bleak
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 07, 2014

Samsung has had a poor 2014 and things are not looking very good for the foreseeable future either after the Korean giant confirmed that it will lose money again through the third quarter. The company has said that third quarter profits will sink below analyst predictions and will slide year on year for the second consecutive period.

Galaxy A5 is a mid-range premium phone
By Luke Jones on Monday October 06, 2014

Over the last few weeks we have heard about Samsung's new Galaxy A range, particularly the A3 and the A7, with specs of the devices showing up online. Ironically then, the first of the range to show up in a leaked render is the Galaxy A5, the one device in the range that has kept itself quiet up until this point.

Samsung shows map of Galaxy Note roll out dates
By Luke Jones on Thursday October 02, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 has already been released in South Korea and has sold out of pre-orders after the company moved the launch forward to counter Apple?s iPhone 6. However, October is going to be the month where the Note 4 is busiest, with the handset going on something of a world roll out tour, finding its way to 140 countries before the start of November.