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Here's the Samsung Galaxy F... again
By Luke Jones on Monday July 07, 2014

Yes, this is getting slightly ridiculous now, but here is another shot of the Samsung Galaxy F that has found its way online before the handsets release. We are almost embarrassed to bring you more news on this device, but hey we are in the business of bringing the mobile news to the masses.

Galaxy S4 Mini, Note 3 Neo, Mega, and 2 Duos set for Android 4.4.2
By Luke Jones on Monday July 07, 2014

Samsung is updating another batch of its Galaxy smartphones to newer versions of the Android platform, with a handful of handsets due to get Android 4.4.2 KitKat soon.

Samsung's Galaxy Mega 2 will have monster proportions and beastly performance
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 02, 2014

Samsung has never been shy about launching a huge smartphone, after-all this is the company that unquestionably started the phablet trend with the Galaxy Note. However, the Galaxy Note 3 is big, but it is not THAT big, as companies like HTC, Nokia, Sony and more have bumped screen size. Samsung has a repost in the works for those who are building bigger (but not better) devices than the Note in the shape of the Galaxy Mega 2.

Daily Brief: flirty iPhones, Samsung's flood, and HTC showing Android L some love
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 01, 2014

Today was one of those slow news days. It was the kind of day where nothing shook the mobile world, although Samsung did its very best to flood it. In fact the Korean company is a good place to start today's Daily Brief.

The Samsung Galaxy Google Play Edition poses for image
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 01, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition has become something of a will it or won't it device, but it seems today that it is again looking like the handset is imminent. In fact, while some reports have suggested the GS5 GPE is not going to arrive, it is a device that is almost certain to land sometime this summer.

Samsung unveils four new handsets including the Galaxy Core 2
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 01, 2014

When Samsung revealed last week that its second quarter earnings would be disappointing, I argued that the company's response would be to carry on as normal and release smartphones at a rapid rate. Not wanting to pat myself on the back (oh go on then) it turns out I was right as the Korean juggernaut announced four new handsets this week.

Samsung launches the Galaxy S5 Mini
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 01, 2014

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S5 Mini, the small version of its flagship GS5 handset today and it offers little in the way of surprise. That means while the Galaxy S5 Mini retains the design of its bigger sibling, it loses much of the high end specs that make the GS5 proper a flagship device

Galaxy S5 struggles against the iPhone in May
By Luke Jones on Monday June 30, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy S5 failed to surpass sales of Apple's iPhone during the month of May, despite the GS5 arriving with a huge bang in April. The Galaxy S5 arrived amid hugely expensive advertising campaigns and with the massively successful Galaxy S4 and S3 as its predecessors.

Samsung targets the camera as the Galaxy Note 4's standout feature
By Luke Jones on Thursday June 26, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones of 2014, which is no mean feat considering the device will land around the same time as a new iPhone. Samsung's phablet shares the limelight with the biggest selling device of them all and holds its own, especially in one key spec area.

Why Samsung's Q2 earnings will disappoint
By Luke Jones on Thursday June 26, 2014

Samsung's Q2 earnings will be "not that good" according to the company's CFO Lee Sang Hoon and smartphone sales are the biggest reason for that. We would have worded things differently in Hoon's shoes because "not that good" should really be "not that bad" because Samsung will still make 8.4 trillion won ($8.2 billion) through the second quarter.