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Samsung's New Galaxy E Budget Series
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 09, 2014

We know full well that Samsung is not averse to releasing a new smartphone series and the company will continue with another new line imminent. So much for the company changing its strategy for a less is more policy in the wake of declining profits. The company has released the Galaxy Alpha, the Note 4, and the A Series recently, but a new range is on the way with the model numbers SM-E700 and SM-E500.

Samsung Readying Galaxy Note 4 Variant with Snapdragon 810
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 09, 2014

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processor is out there now in the wild powering a couple of reference devices, but we are still waiting for it to arrive on a true OEM device. With the race on we have heard rumors of upcoming flagships from LG, Sony, Samsung, Meizu, and Xiaomi all using the first 64-bit processor from Qualcomm, but it could be an existing smartphone that gets the chip first.

Newbie Guide: Speed Up Samsung's TouchWiz a Little Bit
By Luke Jones on Monday December 08, 2014

Samsung is often not given enough credit for the way it rose to dominance in the smartphone world. Yes, the Korean company has been accused of copying others, while the accusation that the company makes by the numbers devices make stick to the wall. However, Samsung delivered solid device after solid device and the consumer base responded with their cash. Of course, the trick is wearing a bit thin at the moment, but Samsung is still numero uno in the smartphone world, but that does not mean the company?s devices are perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Revealed in Benchmark
By Luke Jones on Saturday December 06, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy S6 is already deep into development and the company is probably gearing towards the production process over the next month or so. It is the most important handset in recent memory as the company tries to steady tumbling profits and bounce back from a disappointing Galaxy S5 this year. Samsung is starting from scratch with its Galaxy S6 and the handset has shown up on benchmarks.

Samsung Flagships Getting Android 5.0 Lollipop in January
By Luke Jones on Friday December 05, 2014

Plenty of people are now rocking Android 5.0 Lollipop, as devices from Motorola, LG, Google (Nexus), and Google Play Editions are all boasting the latest and greatest build of the platform. However, Samsung, the biggest Android vendor of them all as yet to make the jump to Lollipop and the company has not even offered specific dates for the roll out.

Details on Samsung Galaxy S6 Overhaul
By Luke Jones on Monday December 01, 2014

Samsung has had plenty of problems this year, one of them being the underperformance of the Galaxy S5 flagship handset. As a result the company has lost profit at an alarming rate and the S5 has disappointed so much that the Korean giant is scrapping the whole ethos built around the device. The company will make the Galaxy S6 from scratch it has been reported, but today we have some fresh details about Samsung's actual plans.

Samsung Z1 Tizen Smartphone India Bound December 10th
By Luke Jones on Monday December 01, 2014

We told you back in September that Samsung's first Tizen powered smartphone would be landing in November, but it now seems that the handset will arrive this month instead. Samsung has taken its time getting its operating system to market, with plenty of false dawns through the year, but now the first device will be coming.

Samsung Will Probably Cut Jobs Next Week
By Luke Jones on Friday November 28, 2014

Plenty of Apple fans are probably delighted that Samsung is struggling this year, although in perspective the company still leads the smartphone market. However, when a company falls on hard times it is easy to forget that people's livelihoods are on the line. That is probably something that Samsung employees have not had to worry about for many years, but this year is going to be different.

Samsung VP for Product Strategy Discusses Future and the Original Note Prototype
By Luke Jones on Thursday November 27, 2014

Samsung has been going through a rough patch of late, with consumers generally turning away from its devices. However, one Sammy smartphone range continues to be a shining light, the Galaxy Note series, a range of phones that defined the phablet market and are still the best example of it despite an Apple shaped competitor muscling in this year.

Samsung Remains Dominant in North American Phablet Market
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

There has been plenty of bad news for Samsung of late, but the company still has some bright points to look at. For example, the company is still the phablet king despite the arrival of the iPhone 6 Plus, at least according to market researcher Chitika. The company conducted research for the North American market, looking at smartphone traffic for devices with a screen size of over 5-inches.