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BBM now works with Android 2.3 Gingerbread
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday February 19, 2014

BlackBerry has made good on its promise to bring its messaging service to older model Android devices. BBM originally worked only on Android 4.x devices, but it has since been updated to work on the millions of phones still running the outdated Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Adding support to older devices offers BBM access to significantly more people because Gingerbread accounts for 1 in 5 active Android devices. Gingerbread is especially active in many of the emerging markets that BlackBerry is still a strong player, so getting more people under its service umbrella should be a positive for the company.

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BlackBerry makes Z10 more premium with Porsche P'9982 model
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 19, 2013

Nearly 11 months after first releasing what proved to be an unpopular phone, the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry has gone ahead and created a Porsche Design P'9982 version of the Z10 for anyone with a big wallet and soft spot for BB10.

BBM for Android and iPhone updated to support iPads and new features
By Andrew Kameka on Friday November 15, 2013

BlackBerry is rolling out new updates for its Android and iOS Messenger apps in order to capitalize on the momentum gained once BBM became a cross-platform service. The latest update includes expansion to the iPad and iPod touch, among other features.

BlackBerry Z30 for Verizon launches November 14
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 12, 2013

Most of the stories concerning BlackBerry in recent weeks have been concerning negative issues related to the company, but there's now finally a bit of good news to talk about - the BlackBerry Z30 has a confirmed price and release date for Verizon Wireless.

BlackBerry rumored to get Google Play and thousands more Android apps, but it seems very unlikely
By Andrew Kameka on Monday November 11, 2013

A batch of photos purporting to show Google Play running on a BlackBerry Z30 sparked rumors of BlackBerry 10 devices getting access to hundreds of thousands more Android apps, but should BlackBerry fans get excited yet? No.

The BBM for iPhone and Android wait list is over, but the hype may also have disappeared
By Andrew Kameka on Monday October 28, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger has finally made its way to Android and iPhone without requiring a waiting list. Though the queue may have been suspended so that anyone can use BBM, it's kind of tough to make that happen.

BlackBerry says BBM for Android and iPhone launching today
By Andrew Kameka on Monday October 21, 2013

BlackBerry is once again attempting to deliver its BlackBerry Messenger client to Android and Apple iOS users. Following a false start last month, when a leaked version of the app managed to bring the cross-platform messaging client down, BBM is once again rolling out to devices beginning today.

BlackBerry may split enterprise and device units if Fairfax deal fails
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday October 10, 2013

Should BlackBerry's $4.7 billion sale to Fairfax financial not be finalized, BlackBerry would consider breaking up the company. Such a move might actually be better for shareholders, according to people who spoke to Bloomberg.

Rogers changes mind, will sell BlackBerry Z30
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday October 10, 2013

Despite originally claiming that it would not sell the BlackBerry Z30 because of a belief that customers would be perfectly happy purchasing one of its existing BlackBerry 10 devices, Canadian carrier Rogers has reversed course and decided to stock the latest BlackBerry device.

Canada's largest carrier will not sell BlackBerry Z30 in stores
By Andrew Kameka on Friday October 04, 2013

BlackBerry revealed yesterday that the BlackBerry Z30 will go on sale October 15 in Canada, but the list of carriers that would carry the device did not include Rogers. Now we know why: Rogers will not sell the device in store because it would rather sell its existing BlackBerry devices.