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HTC One M8 for Windows launched
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 19, 2014

As was widely expected, HTC launched its One M8 flagship on the Windows Phone platform today, bringing one of Android's best smartphones to Microsoft's OS. The handset is available today running full Windows Phone 8.1 (Cortana and all), but is restricted to Verizon in the US for $99 on a two year contract and $600 off a plan.

HTC launches the Butterfly 2 outside of Japan
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 19, 2014

HTC is really starting to beef up its smartphone line with a variety of devices as the company looks to get back on the good side of consumers after a worrying few years of decline. The latest to arrive is the HTC Butterfly, a handset that boasts plenty of flagship kicks but is much different from the company?s core handset, the One M8.

Sharp's Aquos Crystal hates bezels, coming to Sprint
By Luke Jones on Monday August 18, 2014

Japanese electronics giant Sharp has had a tough time of late, with failing businesses right across the consumer space, while the company is not a major presence in smartphones.

Lava launches Iris 360 HTC One lookalike
By Luke Jones on Monday August 18, 2014

The HTC One is among the most high end smartphones on the market, and the original One M7 from last year has become a design icon. Its metal clad body exuded premium feel, while design touches such as forward facing BoomSound speakers made the One standout.

Samsung finally launches the Galaxy Alpha
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 13, 2014

It is finally here. One of the most discussed smartphones of this or any year has been launched as Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Alpha. The phone has been consistently leaked and talked about over the last two months, generating the kind of attention reserved for proper flagships. As we started to expect though, the Alpha is not a flagship at all, despite its slick looks.

Blu's Studio device target Motorola
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 06, 2014

One of the better budget smartphone manufacturer out there is Blu, a brand that typically delivers plenty of bang for your buck. Sure, if you rock a Blu device then you may not be mixing it with the giant companies of the mobile world, but your left field choice will still be solid. The company has today launched a couple of new handsets that target two of the best budget smartphones on the market.

Lenovo launches the Vibe Z2 Pro with huge QHD screen
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 06, 2014

The Chinese brands really are delivering the goods in 2014 and giving us some quality alternatives to the more established OEM's. Take Lenovo's latest, the newly launched Vibe Z2 Pro, a huge phablet device that is crammed with market leading specs, has a slick design, and will probably be fairly affordable compared to rivals.

Kogan's Agora 4G arrives with Moto G baiting specs and price
By Luke Jones on Monday August 04, 2014

Very good budget devices are becoming more common, but the market is still a growing one and when we think of the best affordable handsets a few select names spring to mind. Chief among those is Motorola's Moto G smartphone, a handset that packs a bunch of cool specs, a nice price tag, and has recently had a bump to include LTE. However, Australian company Kogan reckons it can offer a better deal the Motorola with a similarly designed and spec'd smartphone.

Microsoft's Lumia 530 ticks all the right boxes
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 23, 2014

Microsoft may be abandoning feature phones and the Nokia X Android line, but the company is still committed behind Lumia and today launched a new smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 530 can be seen as the first full Lumia device

Xiaomi's new Mi 4 is high end and affordable
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 22, 2014

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, its devices make the top 10 best seller list globally and the company sold 26.11 million smartphones in the first half of 2014.