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Nexus 5X Lands in Europe November 9, Pre-Order Now
By Micah Bartos on Tuesday November 03, 2015

While the Huawei made Nexus 6P is facing a back log and shipments are back to mid-December, the LG built Nexus 5X is likely to be more available. That handset has now had its Europe release announced and will be landing on the Old Continent on November 9 and pre-orders are open now if you are interested in this solid mid-ranger.

LG Turns Profit in Q3 Amid Downturn
By Ang Torres on Thursday October 29, 2015

LG is proving that you simply cannot stand still in the smartphone market as the company's third quarter financials reveal worrying signs for the future. LG propelled itself into the big leagues with the fantastic G3 flagship, and the company looked on the cusp of something massive. However, the G4 was too incremental, safe where the G3 was bold, and the result has been stuttering financials.

LG V10 Landing in United States with Free Stuff (Memory Card, Charger, and Extra Battery)
By Micah Bartos on Monday October 26, 2015

The LG V10 phablet flagship is going to launch in the United States soon, with AT&T and T-Mobile saying their pre-orders will open late this week. As well as being a spiffing smartphone (one of the year?s best in fact) LG is sweetening the V10 deal even more by launching the device with some cool freebies.

LG G4 Confirmed to be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow Next Week
By Pablo Jimenez on Thursday October 15, 2015

You can color us surprised by the announcement by LG that its G4 smartphone flagship is going to be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow next week. That is a super-fast turnaround considering the platform has only been available for a few weeks. Normally all the devices with stock Android (Nexus, Google Play Edition, etc.) get the build first and OEM's usually take a couple of months.

LG Preparing G Pay Mobile Payment System
By Ang Torres on Tuesday October 13, 2015

Mobile payment services are really taking off, and while Apple is leading the way in Apple Pay, Samsung and Google have launched rival services that are already out there. We expect many other smartphone manufacturers to join the party and according to reports today LG will be the next to unveil its own mobile payment system.

AT&T Rolling Out Extensive LG G4 Update
By Josh Dasey on Friday October 09, 2015

AT&T is rolling out an over the air update for the LG G4 flagship, but this is not Android Marshmallow or anything to do with Google's platform. That does not mean this upgrade should be ignored as it brings plenty of goodies to the party, albeit under the surface. The second largest carrier in the United States says that the update is available OTA now.

LG V10 Lands in South Korea
By Pablo Jimenez on Thursday October 08, 2015

The LG V10 really impressed us when we got to grips with it as the company?s launch event last week, a real competitor at the high end/phablet at the end of the market. The frankly tank like handset has been launched in South Korea today (October 8), the first market the device will land before making a global tour, launching in other regions.

LG G3 and G4 getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow
By Micah Bartos on Monday October 05, 2015

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is out in the wild, available on the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, while Google's other Nexus devices will be next in line for the software. After that third party Android manufacturers will begin rolling out Marshmallow, with Motorola and HTC already confirming their devices that will get the upgrade. The latest company to issue its Android 6.0 roadmap is LG, although no specific dates have been released.

LG V10, A Smartphone to Rival the Best
By Luke Jones on Thursday October 01, 2015

Forget the G4 Pro, LG has rolled out a new flagship that stands as a unique addition to the market with blazing specs and a standout killer feature you won't find anywhere else. The LG V10 comes with a second ticker style screen that sits atop the main panel, while elsewhere the device pushes boundaries with its high end specs and cameras. However, the big news really is that screen, so we will start there as we get up close and personal with the V10.

LG G5, some early rumors
By admin on Wednesday September 23, 2015

The LG G4 is already midway through its life cycle which inevitably means reports about its replacement are starting to creep out. That's hardly a surprise actually as LG is already deep into the development process for its next flagship and we are really hoping for a lot from this device.