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Huawei Honor Holly Coming to UK with Special Price
By Luke Jones on Friday February 06, 2015

Huawei's Honor Holly has been available in select emerging markets and China for some time, but now the company is rolling out its mid-range smartphone in Europe. The Chinese brand announced that the handset is now available for pre-order in the UK, but the buying process is pretty unique to say the least.

Huawei Reveals 2015 Roadmap
By admin on Thursday January 29, 2015

Huawei is coming off a record breaking 2014 for the company, with smartphone sales of over 70 million and revenue and profit at its highest. We already know that the Chinese company is going to launch a device at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona at the beginning of March, but what about the rest of 2015? Well, the company has revealed its roadmap for 2015, and it will be a busy year.

Samsung is Huawei's Biggest Rival
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 28, 2015

Xiaomi has made a huge impact in the Chinese market and because Huawei is also from China, it is easy to think that the both are huge rivals. However, according to Huawei chief Richard Yu, Xiaomi is not actually the company's main rival, instead that accolade goes to Korean giant and market leader, Samsung.

Huawei has Record Breaking 2014
By Luke Jones on Tuesday January 27, 2015

While Samsung and Apple dominate the smartphone market, there are several companies on their heels, and many of them have a legitimate claim on the third place in the market. Xiaomi, Lenovo, and LG spring to mind, but perhaps the strongest claim would come from Huawie, a company that outsold those rivals in 2014 and also raked in plenty of money too.

Huawei Exec Says Quad HD Smartphones Need Better Batteries
By Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015

While the move to 2K Quad HD resolution is well underway, some companies are resisting moving to the better res and pixel count. LG was the first to go Q HD with the G3, then a number of devices followed (Nexus 6, DROID Turbo, Xiaomi Note Pro, and Meizu MX4), while Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 will likely be 2K. However, Huawei executive Yu Chengdong has derided Quad HD screens, simply because they are a drag on batteries.

Huawei Honor X2 Arriving at MWC
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 21, 2015

Huawei launched the MediaPad X1 at the MWC even last year, a tablet come smartphone that was pretty small considering its 7-inch display, while it also came with calling capabilities. The Chinese company will use this year's Mobile World Conference to roll out the sequel to the X1, the so-called Honor X2.

Huawei Drops Ascend Branding for Upcoming P8
By Luke Jones on Monday January 19, 2015

Huawei has a good year in 2014 as the company sold tens of millions of devices in the face of increased competition from the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo. The company is now changing its smartphone naming strategy to streamline it marketing, getting rid of the Ascend branding for future devices.

Huawei Sold 75 Million Smartphones in 2014
By admin on Wednesday December 31, 2014

We have heard plenty about Xiaomi's success in 2014, while other Chinese companies like Oppo and Meizu have also made their presence felt. Has that been to the detriment of traditional Chinese powerhouses such as ZTE and Huawei? According to the latter's financials the answer is no as once again it becomes apparent that in the huge Chinese market there could be room for everyone.

Huawei Launches Ascend GX1 Budget Phablet
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 23, 2014

Huawei has rolled out its latest smartphone today as the Chinese company launched the new low end Ascend GX1, a phablet that will take the budget fight to the likes of Xiaomi in China. The device has shown up recently and last week it was leaked ahead of its launch.

Huawei Glory 4X Leaked Images
By Luke Jones on Wednesday December 10, 2014

Huawei's upcoming Glory 4X is not keeping its head down that's for sure as the handset has been leaked again in four new images. The device is the Chinese company's latest mid-range effort, a market the giant has lost ground on in its home market due to the rise and surge of Xiaomi devices. The images reveal a classic Chinese design, but as this is Huawei it sparks with a touch of quality too and is certainly not an ugly handset.