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HTC One A9 to Cost $500 in Two Weeks
By Pablo Jimenez on Tuesday October 27, 2015

If you want to grab the HTC One A9 at its introductory price of $399.99 (directly from the company) then you will need to be quick. That's because the price will apparently go up a full $100 to $499.99 by November 7, which is eleven days away.

Up Close with the HTC One A9
By Luke Jones on Friday October 23, 2015

Earlier in the year the HTC One A9, which was launched by the Taiwanese company this week, was known as Aero and it was widely billed as HTC's next coming. A device that would reposition the company as a force in the smartphone market, much like the One M7 had two years prior, a hero device. However, as the year wore on it become more apparent that the Aero would probably not live up to those giddy expectations.

HTC One A9 Coming with $690 Price Tag?
By Ang Torres on Wednesday October 14, 2015

The HTC One A9 is going to be launched in one week's time and the more we hear about this smartphone the more worried we are. What was first leaked as a bleeding edge handset has since become (via benchmark results) a clear mid-ranger, which in itself is reasonable, even if we do expect more from HTC. The latest news regarding the cost of the One A9 means we are outright concerned about what HTC is playing at.

HTC Butterfly 3, High End and Global
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 29, 2015

The Butterfly has always been HTC's flagship compromise, a device that comes with the absolute best specs available but the design is typically compromised with plastic instead of metal. The Butterfly 3 that was launched today fits in with that previous track record and of course it is a smartphone we have seen before. Like previous Butterfly flagships, this was first launched as the Butterfly J, an exclusive to the Japanese market.

HTC Debuts Reworked One M9+
By admin on Tuesday September 29, 2015

This feels like Dja vu as HTC just launched the One M9+. Yes, the company did already release this handset earlier in the year, so this is a re-launch that brings some updated specs to the flagship. The handset is the most spec'd that HTC makes and while the original was a China expected this is expected to launch around the world.

HTC One M9e Passes TENAA
By admin on Monday September 28, 2015

The HTC One A9 is not going to be the bleeding edge smartphone we originally thought, but it is the next flagship smartphone the company will release. Before that though HTC is launching the One M9e at an event tomorrow (we'll have to wait until next month for the One A9), and a few days before its launch the handset has passed through TENAA in China.

HTC Butterfly 3 and One M9+ Coming Sept 29th
By admin on Tuesday September 22, 2015

HTC has launched a bunch of high end smartphone this year, few of them have sold well and the company is in financial danger. However, the Taiwanese giant will keep on releasing flagship quality devices, with the Aura set to launch later in the year and the launch today of the Chinese exclusive Butterfly 3 and a global One M9+ smartphone.

HTC Confirms Android Pay Smartphones in U.S.
By Luke Jones on Monday September 21, 2015

HTC may be having a terrible time recently with low sales, but the company is still one of the premier smartphone companies and is among the fastest to react to new Android software. The will be the same with Android Pay and HTC has confirmed which smartphones will be compatible with the new mobile payment system.

HTC Desire 728 Available in China
By admin on Monday September 07, 2015

HTC has just announced the Desire 728 in China, the company's latest budget smartphone that we previously seen pass TENAA back in July. The Taiwanese giant is struggling immensely with tumbling revenue and regular losses, and while the Desire 728 is not a device that will turn that around, HTC could certainly use a hit in China, where mid-rangers like this are popular. The Desire 720 is priced equivalent to $269 and is not available in the world's largest smartphone market.

HTC Aero Coming Sept 29
By Luke Jones on Monday September 07, 2015

HTC needs some buzz and it needs a hit device. The ailing company is losing money month on month as sales have collapsed, even for the fantastic (if a little stale) One M9 flagship. The Taiwanese giant will roll the dice again with the HTC Aero, a smartphone with reported flagship quality that will hopefully usher in a new dawn of success for the company.