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Google to Announce Android Pay at I/O Conference
By Luke Jones on Friday February 27, 2015

Samsung is apparently discussing the ins and outs of mobile payment with PayPal with a view to launching the so-called Samsung Pay alongside the Galaxy S6 next week. With Apple already in the mobile payment market with Apple Pay, it seems that now is the right time for Google to enter the fray too. The Search giants will apparently announce Android Pay at the Google I/O developer conference in May.

Next Nexus Smartphone Could be Built By Chinese Company
By Luke Jones on Thursday February 26, 2015

While Google is a dominant name globally, the company is not as powerful in China. Yes, its Android platform is the most used OS in the country, but many of the devices running Android in China are forked and not linked to Google's services (the way the company makes money from Android). The company's Nexus devices have never really been popular in China either, but that could be changing this year.

Android Wear 5.0.2 Rolling Out Now
By Luke Jones on Thursday February 19, 2015

While the focus of Android has been updating to 5.0 Lollipop for smartphones and tablet, there is also some new software coming for Android Wear smartphones. The build Android Wear 5.0.2 is rolling out to the platform's core devices, the Samsung Gear Live, Motorola Moto 360, and the LG G Watch R.

Android App Adware is More Common than you thought
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 03, 2015

Android is known as being more vulnerable than other operating systems, or at least that's the perception. Whether that's fair or not is a good debate to have (especially in the wake of Apple's own iOS scandals of late), but it is clear that Google's OS is open to certain dangers. Unwanted intrusions on data is one of the biggest problems facing Android, but it seems the situation is direr than thought originally.

Google's Growth Misses Wall Street Estimates
By Luke Jones on Friday January 30, 2015

Google managed to increase revenue through the fourth quarter, but the company missed out on meeting Wall Street expectations. The results made the company's shares go through a bumpy day, initially falling 3% after the earnings call and then trending up by 1.44% later in the day.

Google Explains why Nexus 6 is Out of Stock
By Luke Jones on Friday January 30, 2015

Google's Nexus 6 is the first bona fide flagship smartphone the company has ever released. Built by Motorola the device is a high spec'd with a Quad HD screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. However, it has retained something that other Nexus smartphones have always had, it is not widely available. In fact, it has been in and out of stock sporadically since it launched back in November.

Google Signs to be Sprint Reseller
By Luke Jones on Monday January 26, 2015

Google is looking to increase its capacity as a wireless provider, and reports last week suggested that the internet giant has been in talks with Sprint and T-Mobile to become a reseller for those US based networks. Businessweek is now saying that Google has signed a deal with Sprint.

Are 939 Million Android Devices Vulnerable to Attack?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 14, 2015

A security analyst with Rapid7 named Tod Beardsly revealed that older versions of Android (those running builds before Android 4.4 KitKat) have a serious security flaw. The problem comes from a gap in the Android WebView, a part of early Android builds, leaving content open online and in apps and also open to malware attacks.

Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Leaking Memory and Closing Apps
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 30, 2014

Android 5.0 Lollipop is the biggest overhaul to the platform since... well ever. It brought with its sweeping visual changes thanks to Material Design and also delved under the hood with a myriad of enhancements to everything from basic functionality to security. However, new software usually has its little bugs and foibles, just ask Apple with iOS 8.

Google Play 127 Must Have Apps for Android
By admin on Monday December 29, 2014

With Android the dominant force in the mobile world, it is easy to forget that there are still billions of people without the platform, and this Christmas many people would be getting their first Android product.