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Android Wear to be a locked design with no OEM customization
By Luke Jones on Monday June 30, 2014

Google is keeping stricter control over Android Wear than it does the smartphone Android software by limiting how much OEM's can change the platform. Companies building products for Android Wear will not be able to dramatically customize the user interface or the overall design of the software.

Android's head on the platform and relationship with Samsung
By Luke Jones on Saturday June 28, 2014

Android's chief Sundar Pichai has been discussing all things Android with Wired and shed some light on the future of Android and even Google's relationship with Samsung

Google confirms Nexus is here to stay
By Luke Jones on Friday June 27, 2014

There has been plenty of talk recently about the demise of Google's Nexus brand, but the company has today quashed the idea by saying it is "still committed to Nexus".

5 million Android users have malware problems
By Luke Jones on Thursday June 26, 2014

Despite Android Chief Sundar Pichai hitting back at Apple's claims the platform is insecure, it has emerged 5 million Android users have malware issues. At Cupertino's WWDC event, Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized Android's security and described the platforms safety as a "toxic hell stew".

Google unveils Android L
By Luke Jones on Wednesday June 25, 2014

Android version 4.4 KitKat has not been available for a year, but already Google is talking its next major Android update at its I/O developer event. The latest version of the mobile platform is simply known as "L-release" at the moment, although we suspect it will get a nice new food based name before it is rolled out to devices.

Google Voice Search updated to support Indian accents
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 24, 2014

Google has made its Voice Search system capable of understanding Indian accents. While Voice Search has always had issues with English as a second language speakers, the update makes it possible for people from India who speak English with a heavy accent to better communicate with their smartphones. Google took voice samples from more than 700 people and used that extra data to better distinguish speaking patterns and inflections that had previously tripped up the speech recognition software. Android 2.3 or later devices should be able to test out the new speech options.

Android follows Apple's footsteps to 64-bit processors
By Luke Jones on Tuesday June 24, 2014

Apple, the company that apparently does not innovate anymore actually did something significant in the mobile space last year. Sure, the company did not issue a new shiny device that changed pop culture, but Cupertino did do something new with its 64-bit processor (A7) that set the iPhone 5s apart. Now iOS isn't the only mobile operating system with 64-bit computing.

Android 4.4.4 arrives on Nexus devices
By Luke Jones on Monday June 23, 2014

Many devices are still awaiting their Android 4.4.3 update while many have just received it. However, if you thought Google would wait for manufacturers and carriers to catch up then you would be wrong as the Android train keeps rolling. Mountain View is not resting on its laurels and as soon as the paint is drying on Android 4.4.3 Google is putting another lick on with Android 4.4.4.

Is this HTC's Nexus Volantis tablet?
By Luke Jones on Sunday June 22, 2014

The Nexus brand is up in the air at the moment, at least from a smartphone perspective. Google is likely to ditch the Nexus brand for Android Silver early next year, so last year?s Nexus 5 is likely the last smartphone bearing the name. However, the Nexus tablet range still has some steam left in it and we can expect to see some new slates from Google towards the end of the year.

Google tweet offers slight hint of Nexus 6
By Luke Jones on Monday June 09, 2014

Google's I/O developer conference is just around the corner, and speculation is mounting that the company may launch a new smartphone at the event. Apple may not like product launches at WWDC, but Google has no problem letting a new device or service land at I/O.