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Apple schedules iPhone event for September 9th
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 05, 2014

Speculation may be in the air as to what iPhones Apple will launch this year, but we now know the date when we will find out about at least one of them. Cupertino has scheduled a press event that will take place on September 9th and is almost certainly to launch the iPhone 6.

Production issues could push back iPhone 6 launch
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 05, 2014

It has been oddly quiet on the iPhone 6 front of late, which means one of two things. Either the launch date is imminent and all that is left are the semantics, or the production process has hit a snag.

Apple requests millions of iPhone 6 handsets to meet demand
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 22, 2014

When Apple releases a new iPhone the launch windows is big, as in really big. In tech, no company does it quite like Apple and the no company can compare to the kinds of figures Cupertino achieves over a launch window, or indeed beyond

Apple's marketing pushes the iPhone 6 but protects the iWatch
By Luke Jones on Monday July 07, 2014

If you have been following the mobile tech news over recent weeks then you probably (like the rest of us) know plenty about the upcoming iPhone 6. You will know that Apple's next smartphone flagship will come with a 4.7-inch screen, you will know it is taller, thinner, and more rounded than the iPhone 5s, and you will know that it could well be accompanied by a larger iPhone phablet.

Bezel screen cover for iPhone 6 shows the larger display and curvy edges
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 01, 2014

Leaks for the upcoming iPhone 6 has been more like a raging torrent than a tricking stream as something new crops up daily. We know just about everything there is to know about Apple's iPhone 6, from its (admittedly) rumoured specs to its design. The guys and gals over at 9to5Mac have turned up another good look at the design language being employed on the new iPhone with a detailed look at the display cover.

Apple reportedly gets tough on leaks...on the same day more leaks emerge
By Andrew Kameka on Friday May 30, 2014

Apple has grown tired of the increased frequency of its products prematurely appearing on blog sites and in the news, and the Cupertino-based company has taken action by trying to tighten security in China.

Is an 8GB iPhone 5c really the answer?
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 19, 2014

Apple yesterday revealed a cheaper iPhone 5c that obviously looks like an attempt to drum up sales for the struggling phone. Is that really a good idea?

Apple iOS in the Car is now CarPlay, a phone-meets-automobile integration system launching later this year
By Andrew Kameka on Monday March 03, 2014

Apple today announced that iOS in the Car, the platform that links smartphones and in-car infotainment system, is now CarPlay. The company also revealed that several automobiles will launch with the system later this year.

Apple CEO sees Touch ID as the mobile payment option of the future
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday January 28, 2014

Apple has sat out the mobile payments race while several companies have fought to wrestle control over what is expected to soon be a multibillion-dollar industry. However, based on recent reports from the Wall Street Journal and comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook, mobile payments won't exclude the iPhone for much longer.

Apple is releasing two smartphones with bigger screens, says Wall Street Journal
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 23, 2014

Apple plans to release two smartphones later this year, and both devices will be larger than the current 4-inch display seen on the iPhone 5S. You may have read similar reports several times before in recent months, but the latest comes from the more reputable Wall Street Journal.