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Apple reportedly gets tough on leaks...on the same day more leaks emerge
By Andrew Kameka on Friday May 30, 2014

Apple has grown tired of the increased frequency of its products prematurely appearing on blog sites and in the news, and the Cupertino-based company has taken action by trying to tighten security in China.

Steve Wozniak approves of Beats buyout
By Luke Jones on Thursday May 29, 2014

Whenever something substantial happens over at Apple, the guy who helped start it all is always a good place to start for an honest and refreshing take on events. So with Cupertino?s acquisition of Beats now in the public domain, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has given his own unique take on the situation.

iPhones hackers now holding devices for ransom through Find My Phone
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday May 27, 2014

A number of people are reporting that their iPhones and iPads have been compromised by a hacker or group of hackers who have maliciously triggered Apple's anti-theft phone tracking feature and are refusing to relinquish control until users send money.

Touch ID is now faster and accurate with iOS 7.1.1
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday April 30, 2014

If you've noticed that Touch ID unlocks your iPhone 5s somewhat faster since updating to iOS 7.1.1, it's not an illusion. Your phone is moving faster because Apple has fixed a couple of issues that affected fingerprint reading.

Is an 8GB iPhone 5c really the answer?
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 19, 2014

Apple yesterday revealed a cheaper iPhone 5c that obviously looks like an attempt to drum up sales for the struggling phone. Is that really a good idea?

Apple iOS in the Car is now CarPlay, a phone-meets-automobile integration system launching later this year
By Andrew Kameka on Monday March 03, 2014

Apple today announced that iOS in the Car, the platform that links smartphones and in-car infotainment system, is now CarPlay. The company also revealed that several automobiles will launch with the system later this year.

Apple CEO sees Touch ID as the mobile payment option of the future
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday January 28, 2014

Apple has sat out the mobile payments race while several companies have fought to wrestle control over what is expected to soon be a multibillion-dollar industry. However, based on recent reports from the Wall Street Journal and comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook, mobile payments won't exclude the iPhone for much longer.

iPhone NFC payments now official with AT&T Isis case
By Andrew Kameka on Friday January 24, 2014

The Android monopoly on the Isis mobile payments system ended today with AT&T's announcement that it is now selling a specially made case for the iPhone that can make payments at NFC-enabled sales terminals.

Apple is releasing two smartphones with bigger screens, says Wall Street Journal
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 23, 2014

Apple plans to release two smartphones later this year, and both devices will be larger than the current 4-inch display seen on the iPhone 5S. You may have read similar reports several times before in recent months, but the latest comes from the more reputable Wall Street Journal.

Nearly 8 out of 10 iPhones and iPads run iOS 7
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 31, 2013

Apple's adoption rate for its most recent major release of iOS has climbed to a whopping 78 percent. Of the tens of millions of iPhones and iPads in the wild, the vast majority are running iOS 7. Apple reports that only 18 percent of devices use iOS 6; 4 percent use iOS 5 or an earlier version of the software.