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Samsung's Galaxy W arrives in China as the TabQ
By Luke Jones on Monday July 28, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy W is a device that has interested us since we first heard about it earlier in the year, and now it has been released in China with another name. The device is a huge 7-inch tablet/phablet with phone calling connectivity and it has shown up in the FCC hinting that Samsung will launch the slate in the US in the coming months.

NVIDIA launches the Shield Tablet gaming slate
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 22, 2014

Just a few days after it leaked online, NVIDIA's new Shield Tablet has been made official and there is little surprise to see that it is a gaming slate.

HTC could be building three tablets
By Luke Jones on Monday July 21, 2014

HTC is reportedly working on the Nexus 8 tablet, the soon to be newest in Google's line of products. Codenamed Volantis, the Nexus 8 is supposed to be arriving this summer, although HTC could be adding another couple of tablets

Samsung responds (unhelpfully) to Galaxy Tab S problem
By Luke Jones on Monday July 21, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S range of tablets is very good, the best the company has made in fact. Sure, we could argue that the Note line was already covering the company's slate output just fine

The HTC Volantis could be the first Android Silver device
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 08, 2014

After missing its rumoured launch at Google?s I/O event, the HTC Volantis Nexus 8 tablet has been the subject of plenty of speculation. The latest piece of information comes from known tech deep throat Evleaks,

The HTC Volantis according to a 14-year old
By Luke Jones on Friday July 04, 2014

We revealed rumours yesterday that the HTC Volantis (or Nexus 8 as it will be known) would come with monster specs including a 64-bit processor, a metal chassis, Boomsound speakers, and 5GB of RAM.

The HTC Volantis Nexus 8 could be a power house
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 03, 2014

Some more spec details have emerged about the HTC Volantis, or as you may know it, the Nexus 8. Through the barrage of launches at the Google I/O event the Volantis was surprisingly missing, but the tablet is still scheduled to land sometime during the second half of the year.

Unknown tablet shows up at Google I/O
By Luke Jones on Friday June 27, 2014

"Hey, what's that?" is a very common question at company developer events during keynote speeches when images of devices flash on the screen. At Google's I/O the "what's that?" moment came when the company flashed a tablet on screen that we have never seen before, meaning it could be the HTC Nexus or another new slate.

Is this HTC's Nexus Volantis tablet?
By Luke Jones on Sunday June 22, 2014

The Nexus brand is up in the air at the moment, at least from a smartphone perspective. Google is likely to ditch the Nexus brand for Android Silver early next year, so last year?s Nexus 5 is likely the last smartphone bearing the name. However, the Nexus tablet range still has some steam left in it and we can expect to see some new slates from Google towards the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S launches in US next week
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday June 19, 2014

Samsung began accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab S last week, and the company has now confirmed that it will begin selling the Super AMOLED tabs next week. General availability for the Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 models will begin June 27th when the Wi-Fi models go on sale for $399.99 and $499.99 respectively. The tablet will be available in white or bronze and will be sold at Best Buy. AT&T previously stated that it would carry the cellular model of the Galaxy Tab S, but there's still no confirmed date for that launch. For now, interested Tab S buyers will have to stick with Wi-Fi to get a look at that Super AMOLED display.