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T-Mobile puts an end to data overage fees and challenges carriers to do the same
By Andrew Kameka on Monday April 14, 2014

>T-Mobile says it's done with charging customers extra for going over their monthly data when within the confines of the United States. It also now challenges rivals AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to follow suit.

Samsung says to "Kapture the Moment" in teaser for new event that may be for Galaxy Zoom
By Andrew Kameka on Monday April 14, 2014

Samsung, fresh on the heels of releasing four new devices last week, is already back to work and teasing another smart device soon to launch. That device may be the new Android-powered Galaxy Zoom.

Chrome Beta for Android adds new Chromecast options and Undo Tab close
By Andrew Kameka on Friday April 11, 2014

The beta version of Google's Chrome for Android has updated to offer a few new features that can be tested now before they head to the main app channel, including better support for viewing web video and casting it to devices.

Rumored LG G3 specs leak for Sprint
By Andrew Kameka on Friday April 11, 2014

There's a rumor going around that the Sprint website has helped leak the specifications for the upcoming LG G3, and the details appear to confirm what we've been hearing about LG's next flagship phone.

Aereo to deliver Chromecast live TV app May 29
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 10, 2014

Aereo, the company that retransmits live television broadcasts to Android and iOS devices, has announced it will begin supporting Google Chromecast May 29 - that's only if the company still exists by then.

Android now more secure with Google's always-on scanner update for Verify Apps
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 10, 2014

Google announced in February that it would introduce a new way to protect Android smartphones by introducing a security measure that constantly scans devices to prevent foul play. That measure, Verify Apps, is getting new help.

Alleged LG G3 screenshot shows more UI changes heading to LG
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 10, 2014

The next iteration of LG's user interface for Android may follow the trend of embracing flat design elements. Samsung flattened is icons and UI elements in the latest version of Touchwiz on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC did the same with Sense on the One M8, and the LG G3 will do the same.

Battery-boosting HTC One M8 Extreme Power Saving Mode rolling out to Sprint One M8 now
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday April 08, 2014

One of the marquee features of the HTC One M8 is the optional Extreme Power Saving Mode that can dramatically extend battery life. For the first time, Sprint users can test out that feature.

HTC One M8 Review
By Andrew Kameka on Monday April 07, 2014

The HTC One is a thing of beauty. The tech media fawned over itself when discussing the 2013 model for its aluminum body, large display, and above average design. Now the One M8 arrives to be even better.

IFTTT inches closer to Android app release with closed beta program
By Andrew Kameka on Monday April 07, 2014

Automation tool IFTTT already has an iPhone app that has received beneficial updates in recent days, and the launch of a beta program points to an impending launch of an Android app.