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Samsung Gear A to Feature Calling and Round Face
By admin on Tuesday April 07, 2015

Samsung was one of the first major smartphone brands (along with Sony) to put a smartwatch on the market, a couple of years earlier than most of its rivals. However, the Apple Watch has swept in and stolen the limelight and will probably steal the sales too, so while Samsung's previous smartwatch efforts have been solid, it is probably time for the company to knuckle down and deliver spectacular.

Motorola Announces Moto Selfie Stick
By Luke Jones on Thursday April 02, 2015

Selfie Sticks may be getting banned from some places and they may be completely ridiculous for those who do not turn their phone camera on themselves twenty times per day. That has not stopped Motorola launching its own such product, aptly named the Moto Selfie Stick, and the American company is attempting to bring a touch of class to the device.

Apple Watch Edition: Get the Star Treatment
By Luke Jones on Monday March 30, 2015

For a smartwatch, Apple's standard Apple Watch is pricey, but the Apple Watch Edition is on another level entirely, with a price tag starting at $10,000. So, what exactly do you get for that money? The same features and specs as the normal Apple Watch, but you also get premium materials such as 18k gold and leather. On top of that Apple has revealed more details about the Edition.

TAG Heuer Smartwatch Coming Today
By admin on Thursday March 19, 2015

While the smartwatch has currently been an avenue for tech companies to explore, more traditional watch manufacturers will start to come to the market. While these old names may not be technologically advanced, they know what makes a good timepiece. One of the best in the game, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is about to launch its first smartwatch today (March 19th).

Huawei Complains About Android Wear Closed System
By Luke Jones on Wednesday March 18, 2015

Huawei dropped its first ever smartwatch at the Mobile World Conference earlier this month, and it is one of the best wearables on the market. It is good looking and comes rocking Google's Android Wear software, but it seems Huawei is not entirely happy with the ecosystem. The company's Vice President of Product Management, Yang Yong says that Android Wear is too closed.

Xiaomi Smart Watch with Pulse Wave Tech Due This Summer
By Luke Jones on Monday March 16, 2015

Most major smartphone manufacturers have already launched smartwatches and other have signalled their intentions to. However, there are still some major players left who have not joined the smartwatch party, Xiaomi being among the most famed. However, the Chinese company has long been rumored to be working on a wearable and those rumors are surfacing again.

Future Android Wear Update to Bring Wi-Fi Support
By Luke Jones on Wednesday March 11, 2015

While Apple is winning praise and indeed criticism for the Apple Watch, Android Wear is still out there and while we can argue all day about which wearable OS has the better features, there is no doubt that Android Wear boasts the most choice. There are a number of smartwatches available for the platform now and while Apple brags about its feature set, those rocking an Android Wear device will be getting some new features too.

Huawei Prices Smartwatch, Pricey but Equal to Apple Watch
By Luke Jones on Wednesday March 11, 2015

Huawei raised the curtain on its smartwatch at the Mobile World Conference and it is a stunner, one of the nicest looking wearables on the market, and sexier than a certain Apple Watch. The Chinese company has now revealed the prices of the device in the European market, with the gold version of the Android Wear smartwatch landing in Germany.

Oppo Smartwatch to Charge in Five Minutes
By admin on Monday March 09, 2015

Just about all the major mobile brands have launched a smartwatch, while others have announced wearables on the way (here's looking at you Apple). It is now the turn of the growing up and coming companies to follow suit, and the latest rumoured to be joining the smartwatch race is Oppo. The Chinese company known for well spec'd whacky smartphones will apparently announce the wearable alongside its upcoming Find 9 flagship handset.

Apple Watch to Take 55% of Smartwatch Market Share
By Luke Jones on Monday March 09, 2015

Expectations for the Apple Watch have gone from modest to hugely optimistic, but one consensus seems to hold true, the device will sell well. In fact, no matter which research company you source, they all think the Apple Watch will become a defining wearable and the most successful so far too. Strategy Analytics has now added its own predictions and says that the Apple Watch will shift 15 million units through 2015.