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iPad Decline Mirrors Tablet Market Slip
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 30, 2015

Apple's iPad has declined in sales for six consecutive quarters, and while that has to be very worrying for the company the drop actually matches with an overall market trend. Slate sales have been falling for nearly two years and show no signs of recovering, and while the iPad's decline is more rapid than the overall market slip it is still the best selling individual tablet on the market.

T-Mobile adds more than 1 Million Postpaid Subscribers
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 30, 2015

T-Mobile's amazing success continued as the carrier added over 1 million postpaid subscribers for the fourth consecutive quarter. The Magenta Network announced its financials for the quarter ending June 30th and revealed that 760,000 of those new customers were postpaid phone subscribers. Overall the company said that 2.1 million additions were made net, marking the ninth straight quarter that over 1 million new net customers have been added.

Samsung Sales Decline but Company Holds Market Dominance
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 30, 2015

Samsung has been the biggest global smartphone brand for several years, but while the company's position at the top is unlikely to change anytime soon, there are certain things happening within the market, resulting in rivals gaining ground. By rivals we of course mainly mean Apple, as Cupertino saw its share of the market rise through the second quarter of the year, with Samsung's lead shrinking.

Meizu M2 is an Impressive Sub $100 Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 29, 2015

This is the week for smartphones that offer bang for buck. OnePlus launched is Flagship Killer OnePlus 2 earlier in the week, before Motorola landed with three affordable handsets, the Moto X Style, Moto X Play, and 2015 Moto G. Now it is Meizu's turn, with the Chinese company looking to the entry level to deliver a smartphone that offers much for a humble price tag.

Xperia Z5+ Arriving in March
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 29, 2015

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Sony this year. With the company stop making smartphones, will it sell its smartphone division, will it only concentrate on high end handsets? An array of questions that only show that the Japanese company is in need of a new strategy. The Xperia Z4 and Z3+ are both fine devices, but there is a feeling Sony has do better to compete at the flagship range. Its Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact will land in the third quarter, but arguably it is to next year we need to look to see Sony make bolder steps.

Moto G 2015, is it still the budget king?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 29, 2015

Motorola launched three new smartphones yesterday, the amazing Moto X Style and Moto X Play and the third generation Moto G. We were fully expecting to be calling the 2015 Moto G amazing too, but we simply cannot as it is a mere incremental update over the previous models. That led to a debate in the office, has Motorola done enough with the new Moto G to ensure it remains one of the best budget devices on the market?

Motorola Moto X Play Delivers Plenty for Under $300
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 28, 2015

Motorola today announced the Moto X Style, a stunning flagship with a price of just $400. The company did not finish there with the surprises though and also launched the Moto X Play, a midrange device that also displays the Moto X name. The company is on a roll because the Play is a very well spec'd device that also packs a very enticing price tag, and in fact real compromises seem to be short.

Motorola Wows with Budget Friendly Moto X Style Flagship
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 28, 2015

A day after OnePlus launched its Flagship Killer, the OnePlus 2, the company suddenly has stern competition from Motorola after the US brand responded with the Moto X Style. This is the company's brand new flagship, but unlike previous entries in the Moto X series, this handset comes at an extremely affordable price and has specs to worry any other high end device, including the OnePlus 2.

OnePlus 2, the 2015 Flagship Killer in Depth
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 28, 2015

OnePlus has launched its Flagship Killer for 2016, the OnePlus 2 is the company's newest device and lands as a very appealing smartphone that comes with an enticing price tag. With most of the details already out there, here is our guide to the OnePlus 2:

Lava Pixel V1 is a Good Android One Device
By Luke Jones on Monday July 27, 2015

Android One has not taken off in the way we thought it would, and we assume it is the same for Google. The project aimed to unify Android with devices built to run the software, with Google helping in terms of design and specs. However, after three devices last year (Karbonn Sparkle V, the Micromax Canvas A1, and the Spice Dream UNO) things have gotten quiet on the Android One front. A new device launched Lava is putting the spotlight back onto the initiative, marking the first Android One handset this year.