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Nintendo Coming to Mobile Gaming with Original Titles
By admin on Wednesday March 18, 2015

The mobile gaming market has exploded in recent years, with most major traditional game developers joining the medium. However, arguably the most celebrated name of them all has been absent, I am talking about Nintendo. The Japanese console maker has held off releasing any titles on mobile devices, but that is about to change as Nintendo is collaborating with developer DeNA to produce new titles for smartphones and tablets.

Xiaomi Debuts Mi Note Natural Bamboo Edition
By admin on Wednesday March 18, 2015

Released in January, Xiaomi's Mi Note is one of the best high end devices on the market. While it is not a flagship (that honor goes to the Mi Note Pro) it is a stellar device at an affordable price, and it has now become even more enticing. The Chinese company has raised the curtain on the Mi Note Natural Bamboo Edition.

OnePlus One Getting Lollipop This Month: Users Choose Between OxygenOS or Cyanogen
By Luke Jones on Tuesday March 17, 2015

OnePlus promised some time ago that its flagship killing OnePlus One smartphone will be getting the Android Lollipop treatment. Well, that promise is being fulfilled by the Chinese startup as the company confirmed that Lollipop is making its way to the One by the end of this month (March).

Blackberry Passport in Sales Slump
By Luke Jones on Monday March 16, 2015

The Blackberry Passport was launched last year and was actually warmly met, with critics praising the device and consumers buying it. The problem Blackberry had was that only fans of the company's products wanted the handset, it was not attracting many newcomers to the brand. There was a danger that the solid early sales would dry up, and it seems that is the case, while it is a similar story with the Blackberry Classic.

Xiaomi Smart Watch with Pulse Wave Tech Due This Summer
By Luke Jones on Monday March 16, 2015

Most major smartphone manufacturers have already launched smartwatches and other have signalled their intentions to. However, there are still some major players left who have not joined the smartwatch party, Xiaomi being among the most famed. However, the Chinese company has long been rumored to be working on a wearable and those rumors are surfacing again.

Dyson Invests in Company Working on Double Life Batteries
By admin on Monday March 16, 2015

While smartphone specs get increasingly better, they draw more power, and battery life is not moving at the same pace as processors or screen technology. As a consequence, a juicer in a handset is now a very important factor for many people, but yet no company has managed to make a significant breakthrough aside from bumping battery time by hours.

First Ever VAIO Smartphone Announced in Japan
By Luke Jones on Thursday March 12, 2015

Sony made the decision last year to sell of its VAIO brand, the division of the company that was responsible for PC output. However, while Japan Industrial Partners (the company that purchased VAIO) will still steer the brand in a computing direction, it will also focus on smartphones. So here it is, the first ever smartphone to sport the VAIO branding.

Oppo Smartwatch to Charge in Five Minutes
By admin on Monday March 09, 2015

Just about all the major mobile brands have launched a smartwatch, while others have announced wearables on the way (here's looking at you Apple). It is now the turn of the growing up and coming companies to follow suit, and the latest rumoured to be joining the smartwatch race is Oppo. The Chinese company known for well spec'd whacky smartphones will apparently announce the wearable alongside its upcoming Find 9 flagship handset.

GSMA Awards in Full
By admin on Wednesday March 04, 2015

Every year, at the end of the Mobile World Conference, the group that runs the expo (GSMA) holds an awards ceremony that names some of the best of the of the mobile industry over the previous year. Now being held for the 20th year, the Global Mobile Awards were held in Barcelona and named some of the best devices in the industry.

Meizu MX5 to have Nokia Built Camera
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 24, 2015

Meizu is starting to look mature in the smartphone market. Sure, the company's output has always been good, with high specs very much the focus. However, the Chinese brand has increasingly started building the whole package in its handsets and record sales through 2014 attest to that balance of design and hardware. The company's next flagship, the MX5 is going to continue that new remit and as you expect it will be a highly spec'd beast too.