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HTC Reviews, Rumors and Upcoming News

HTC One E8 to arrive on Sprint
By Luke Jones on Friday August 15, 2014

HTC seems to be entering a new phase of its rebuilding process. The company has already released a number of smartphones in different niches as it said it would

HTC to launch other smartphones on Windows
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 14, 2014

HTC is expanding its horizons later in the month by launching its HTC One M8 flagship on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. At the moment the M8 is very much an Android device, one of the best in fact, but HTC sees a window of opportunity to jump on the growing Windows Phone OS.

HTC to launch in-house services to Android, Zoe first
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 13, 2014

As Android skins go, HTC's Sense UI is one of the better ones, even if it still irks the Android purists out there. The Taiwanese company has been putting its Sense onto Android for a while now, with the UI now in its sixth iteration. Along with Sense, HTC has a number of its own apps and services and the company has decided it is in the sharing mood and will make all of its in house software available on other Android devices.

HTC One Max to return with stunning specs
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 12, 2014

HTC has been eager to spread its One M8 flagship line to capitalize on the success of the Android powerhouse. We have already seen the HTC One Mini 2, but the company then shot down rumours of a super phone version of the M8 called the HTC One M8 Prime. That does not mean that a blazing version of the flagship can now be forgotten, as HTC is rumoured to have something else up its sleeve.

HTC launches the Desire 816 in the US
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 12, 2014

HTC has been rolling out plenty of smartphones in 2014 as the company sticks to its commitment to concentrate on more areas of the market. The Taiwanese giant needs to with sales and demand on the wane and all the pressure seemingly on the shoulders of the HTC One M8 flagship.

HTC's 64-bit A11 is entry level
By Luke Jones on Monday August 11, 2014

Google has had Android prepped for 64-bit performance for some time, and go to chip maker Qualcomm said its 64-bit ready architecture is ready to go and smartphones using the chipset will arrive late in 2014. Before the heavyweight devices land, HTC will roll out its first 64-bit smartphone and it will be a budget addition to the company's current line up.

HTC One Windows shows up on Verizon
By Luke Jones on Saturday August 02, 2014

If you thought news we brought you earlier in this week about the HTC One M8 launching on Windows Phone was too good to be true, then you should see this. The image above is HTC's flagship handset with the Windows Phone 8 operating system running on it, and interestingly this image has been taken from Verizon's website.

HTC Butterfly J launches in Japan
By Luke Jones on Friday August 01, 2014

The new HTC Butterfly J has been launched in Japan and is heading to the country's KDDI carrier network and Okinawa Cellular. The device is the latest mid-range effort from the Taiwanese company as it attempts to find significant market presence once again.

HTC press event for August points to Nexus 8
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 30, 2014

After plenty of product leaks and reports over the last couple of months, it seems as though HTC will be launching something significant. The Taiwanese company has scheduled a press event to take place in New York City, Tuesday August 19, but of course HTC has declined to say what the event will be for.

HTC One M8 to launch on Windows Phone
By Luke Jones on Monday July 28, 2014

If we asked you to name the best current Android flagships we imagine some familiar names would appear, among them the HTC One M8.