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ASUS Outs New ZenFone 2 Variant
By Luke Jones on Friday September 18, 2015

ASUS has unveiled a new variant of its rather excellent ZenFone 2. The new handset comes with an even more appealing price tag of $229, more than $100 more affordable that the 1080p display, 4GB of RAM/64GB storage version that made its debut earlier in the year.

LG Class Hands On Imgae
By admin on Thursday September 17, 2015

Yesterday we told you about the LG Class, a new smartphone that will arrive later in this month with some mid-range specs. The handset will be aimed at LG's own South Korean market and was teased briefly yesterday with its hardware and design barely seen in a render. The leak gods do like to keep given though and wouldn't you know it, today we are being treated to a genuine hands on look at the LG Class.

Xiaomi Confirms Mi 4c will Arrive This Month
By admin on Wednesday September 16, 2015

Lin Bin, the co-founder of Chinese giant Xiaomi confirmed that the company will announced the new Mi 4c, with the device set to launch on September 22nd. While in the giving mood he also revealed that the handset will be launched in two variants, something that is becoming increasingly common in the industry.

LG Nexus 5X Leaks with Tennis Court Mint Color
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 16, 2015

It is well known by this point that LG is building a renewed version of its Nexus 5 that will be launched in the fourth quarter and will be running Google's new Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. The handset's specs have already leaked numerous times and it has passed through benchmark software, but now we are seeing what seems to be an accurate 2015 Nexus 5 in the wild.

LG Class Teased by Company
By admin on Wednesday September 16, 2015

LG has sent out a teaser for a new smartphone with the handset in question due to be launched on September 21st, which is under one week away. However, while we would love this to be the company's expected G4 Pro and will stead be called the "LG Class".

Samsung Folding Smartphone Debuting at CES 2016
By admin on Tuesday September 15, 2015

Samsung has been doing more than most to reach a goal have having a folding smartphone. The company already has folded glass on its various Edge handsets, and its project YOUM has been promising folded smartphones for some time. Indeed, Samsung said such a device could be ready by 2016, which now seems to be true.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Saves Battery by using 1080p for Normal Use, 4K for Media
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 15, 2015

After treading water for several years, Sony decided to do some innovating and at IFA earlier this month the company launched the Xperia Z5 Premium. That handset was the first to arrive with a 4K screen that boasts a stunning 2160 x 3840 resolution and 800+ ppi. To put that in perspective, the nearest rival is the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a 577ppi pixel density.

Sony giving away $120 Headphones with Xperia Z5 Compact Pre-orders in Europe
By Luke Jones on Monday September 14, 2015

Sony often tries to sweeten the deal of its flagships in Europe. Indeed, if you shop around you could find the Xperia Z3 when it launched vastly below its flagship list price, and we expect the situation to be the same again with the Xperia Z5 (not the Premium though). The Xperia Z5 Compact will also be sold with an incentive in the Old Continent, namely a free pair of MDR-10RC headphones.

Huawei Nexus 6 Passes GeekBench with Snapdragon 810 and 3GB of RAM
By Luke Jones on Monday September 14, 2015

Despite no official reveal of a handset, we know that Chinese heavyweight Huawei is building the new Nexus flagship smartphone for Google. We also know it is likely to be a juggernaut of leading specs and performance, and that was confirmed as the handset passed through the GeekBench benchmark software.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Render Leaks
By admin on Sunday September 13, 2015

A render of Xiaomi's upcoming Mi Note 2 has been found on Chinese social media giant Weibo, showing a very interesting smartphone. The render points to ultra-thin landscape bezels and a physical home button that we presume will perform double duties as a fingerprint scanner. Although, while those thin bezels are interesting we think the Mi Note 2 will arrive with thicker strips down the side.