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Huawei P8 to be Joined by Lite Version
By admin on Tuesday February 17, 2015

Huawei has long been rumored to be launching its new P8 flagship at a special press event that will be held in London on April 15th. The company's follow up to the Ascend P7 is almost certainly to arrive and the Chinese giant has even started sending out invites for the launch event. However, Huawei will have a surprise in store when the P8 does arrive as there will also be a "lite" version of the handset.

Flip Phones Eat into Smartphone Sales in Japan
By admin on Monday February 16, 2015

While the global mobile market seems to follow the same trends, Japan has always proved elusive, a region that is hard to predict. For example, Samsung does not enjoy leading market share in Japan when it does in almost every other nation. Want further convincing that Japan is a unique marketplace? Well how about this:

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Due Soon
By admin on Monday February 16, 2015

Samsung's Galaxy Grand 3 was leaked back in December and the trail has gone a little quiet recently. However, Samsung India sent out a teaser that suggests that the new phablet smartphone is going to be launched in the near future.

HTC Desire 626 Bound for US with Sprint
By admin on Monday February 16, 2015

HTC's Desire 626 was announced in Taiwan last week as a competitor to the slew of entry level devices released by big brands over the last year. It comes with familiar specs for this level of the market, but also packs HTC's pleasing design language. One piece of the puzzle was left unsolved when the 626 launched, if it would be available beyond HTC's Taiwan homeland.

HTC Zoe Update Adds Nexus 6 and Nexus 9
By admin on Friday February 13, 2015

HTC's Zoe app is one of the better photo oriented features out there, and the company offers it in its One M8 and One M7 smartphones. However, Zoe also made its way to the Google Play Store as a dedicated application that can be downloaded by Android users on other handsets. Not all devices are compatible though, but a new update has given Zoe functionality to two more high flying smartphones.

Xiaomi to Open US Store... No Smartphones
By admin on Friday February 13, 2015

It is widely expected that 2015 will be the year in which Xiaomi makes its first tentative steps into other markets, including the United States. So far the company has kept itself in the Asian market, primarily its Chinese homeland, and has thrived. However, Xiaomi's Hugo Barra has revealed today that the company's first presence in the US is imminent, an online store.

Apple Focusing on Stability and Performance with iOS 9
By admin on Tuesday February 10, 2015

iOS 8 may only be midway through its life cycle, but Apple is obviously already preparing its follow up, iOS 9. Codenamed Monarch, it has been popping up lately with several sources spilling the proverbial beans on the software. Likely to be announced early this summer and rolled out with new products in the fall, iOS 9 will reportedly be much more stable platform.

Meizu M1 Blue Charm Sells Out in 60 Seconds
By admin on Monday February 09, 2015

Meizu has recently announced stellar smartphone sales for January and the Chinese company seems to be going from strength to strength. The company is also enjoying great success with its M1 (Blue Charm) budget smartphone. Meizu announced that the device continues to sell like proverbial hot cakes.

HTC Records Third Successive Profitable Quarter
By admin on Friday February 06, 2015

HTC has been churning out small profits through much of 2014, so there's no surprise to see the company made money through the year and recorded growth. Still, analysts are relatively down on the company despite its strong portfolio of smartphones. It was predicted that 2014 would result in further decline, but the company confounded critics.

LG G4 to get Pixel Dense Screen
By admin on Friday February 06, 2015

You may remember that we wrote last week that LG will be upping the screen ante again with the upcoming G4 flagship.