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Sony Could Sell Smartphone Division
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 18, 2015

Sony has been going through a torrid time financially over recent years and the company has taken drastic action to try to stem the losses. For example, the Japanese giant sold headquarter property around the world, laid off tens of thousands of workers, and even sold its VAIO PC division. However, it has still not worked and once again there are reports that Sony may be forced to sell its smartphone division.

Flip Phones Eat into Smartphone Sales in Japan
By admin on Monday February 16, 2015

While the global mobile market seems to follow the same trends, Japan has always proved elusive, a region that is hard to predict. For example, Samsung does not enjoy leading market share in Japan when it does in almost every other nation. Want further convincing that Japan is a unique marketplace? Well how about this:

Xiaomi to Open US Store... No Smartphones
By admin on Friday February 13, 2015

It is widely expected that 2015 will be the year in which Xiaomi makes its first tentative steps into other markets, including the United States. So far the company has kept itself in the Asian market, primarily its Chinese homeland, and has thrived. However, Xiaomi's Hugo Barra has revealed today that the company's first presence in the US is imminent, an online store.

Apple Most Valuable Company Ever, Worth Over $700 Billion
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 11, 2015

Apple has been enjoying a stellar start to 2014 where the company has put to an end doubts about its dominance. The company sold as many smartphones as Samsung last quarter, recorded the most profitable three months in history, and saw just about everyone give it a good old pat on the back. The celebration is not over for Cupertino though as it became the most valuable company in history this week.

Samsung Fails to Crack Japan
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 10, 2015

Samsung is the number one smartphone company in the world. Despite its recent problems, the company sits atop the pile on a global level and has also dominated most markets for a number of years. However, success in Japan has always proved elusive for the South Korean brand, despite the fact that Samsung made its recent Galaxy Note Edge a priority in Japan.

Alibaba Stakes $590 Million in Meizu
By Luke Jones on Monday February 09, 2015

Meizu is going through perhaps its most successful spell in the smartphone market. The Chinese company has announced huge sales for the month of January, said that its new budget M1 has sold out in seconds (twice), while goodwill towards its high end devices is surging. 2015 is set to bring further expansion and a new cash injection from Alibaba will only improve that outlook.

HTC Records Third Successive Profitable Quarter
By admin on Friday February 06, 2015

HTC has been churning out small profits through much of 2014, so there's no surprise to see the company made money through the year and recorded growth. Still, analysts are relatively down on the company despite its strong portfolio of smartphones. It was predicted that 2014 would result in further decline, but the company confounded critics.

Xiaomi in the US? Company Schedules San Francisco Event
By admin on Thursday February 05, 2015

Xiaomi has achieved its huge rise in the mobile market by just operating in China and marginally in other Asian nations. The company has positioned itself in the top 5 smartphone manufacturers without even having a worldwide sales base. However, that could be about to change this month as it is being reported that Xiaomi is set to make its debut in the US market.

Apple Outsells Android in United States
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 04, 2015

Things really are going brilliantly for Apple at the moment; so much so that the fact the iPad sales continue to decline has been completely forgotten. With record profits and record sales, Apple is on a high, but things are getting better according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. The market researcher says that for the first time since 2012 Apple sold more device in the US than all Android products combined.

Infographic Shows Where Apple's Money Comes From
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 04, 2015

When it comes to making money, Apple is at the top of the game. The very top in fact, with the company earnings record amounts of profits through the last quarter off increased sales and higher margins. With $18 billion in profit, Apple made the best ever quarter in the history of business, beating out Russian oil company Gazprom. With that huge amount of cash, it is interesting to know where the company gets the money from.