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LG's Second NUCLUN Chips Bests Samsung's Exynos 7420
By Luke Jones on Monday August 17, 2015

LG and Samsung share plenty of similarities, and beyond their smartphone businesses too. Following in Samsung's footsteps last year, LG decided to create its own processor division, debuting its own NUCLUN chipset. That processor only made in LG's own South Korea, but the next NUCLUN silicon is likely to have wider appeal as it will be a full flagship processor.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
By Luke Jones on Friday August 14, 2015

As expected, Samsung unveiled a new variant of its Galaxy S6 Edge in the form of the beefier and more powerful Galaxy S6 Edge +. Think of this as the big brother of the first model, a big brother that has been shown even more love perhaps, ready to take on everything with market leading specs and enhanced software.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 not coming to the UK
By Luke Jones on Friday August 14, 2015

Sad news for Samsung fans in the United Kingdom as the Korean company confirmed that it will not be launching the Galaxy Note 5 in the country until 2016. That breaks a tradition as the previous four Note smartphones all landed in the UK at the same time as other regions, while the nation is still one of Samsung?s primary markets, including being the biggest in Europe.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is an Affordable Device that Impresses
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 13, 2015

Xiaomi announced its latest smartphone today, the mid-range Redmi Note 2, a device that comes with very appealing specs and a typically affordable price from the Chinese company. Before tackling the details, it seems this $125 ($155 for the 32GB version) handset will only serve to cement Xiaomi's position as the number one smartphone brand in China.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Detailed First Impressions
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 13, 2015

So, Samsung raised the curtain on its Galaxy Note 5 flagship and we have been getting up close and personal with the device to bring you the lowdown. Samsung has decided to explore an evolutionary approach with this handset instead of going for a huge leap, and as a result there are certainly disappointments here, but those gripes are not the be all and end all of what is an amazing product. The Galaxy Note 5 is Samsung's best smartphone ever, with some caveats.

Moto X Pure Edition Arriving September 3rd in the United States
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 12, 2015

Motorola announced the frankly amazing Moto X Style (Pure Edition in the US) two weeks ago and impressed many with a smartphone flagship that is decked out for top specs and carries a stunning $400 price tag. There are so many things going for the Moto X Pure Edition that we think it will be a no brainer for many, and consumers will be able to get the handset on September 3rd. Motorola confirmed that launch date today while reiterating that the device will cost $399.99 at the base level.

HTC Desire 626 and Desire 526 Coming to Verizon
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 12, 2015

HTC's recently announced Desire 526 and Desire 626 are a couple of lower end devices with solid specs and the company's usual solid design. It has now been confirmed that Verizon, the largest carrier in the United States, will be selling HTC's newest smartphones, with the handsets arriving on the network for post-pay and prepay consumers in the coming week.

LeTV Breaks 1 Million Sales Record
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 12, 2015

LeTV is a new smartphone brand in the market, and the Chinese company has thrived in its early life and has become the fastest new company to reach 1 million in smartphone sales. That figure means that the company beats other recent new Chinese brands that has moved on to big success like OnePlus, Meizu, and even Xiaomi.

Reminder: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Launching tomorrow
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 12, 2015

Two of the biggest smartphone vendors, Samsung and Xiaomi, are launching new handsets tomorrow in what will be a busy day of new releases. Number one market leader Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Note 5, the company's new flagship phablet that is set to push the boundaries of performance, specs, and design. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has eaten into Samsung's market lead in recent years, the company will be raising the curtain on its latest affordable mid-range handset, the Redmi Note 2.

OnePlus 2 Debuts in India
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 11, 2015

The OnePlus 2 was launched late last month and is now starting to roll out to regions globally, sort of. That?s because the company is employing the frustrating invite system again, a method of purchase that the folks India will now experience as the OnePlus 2 has launched in the country today (4pm local time). Without the invitation you will not be able to get the OnePlus 2.