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Samsung Trademarks Galaxy H1 and H7, New Smartphones?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday March 18, 2015

Samsung said back last year that it would refocus its smartphone strategy and release less products. Since then, the company has proceeded to launch a lot of devices, rather flying in the face of that previous statement. However, the Korean company has certainly streamlined output into easy new series? and shows no signs of stopping with an apparent Galaxy H series on the way.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Available for Pre-Order in Canada
By Luke Jones on Tuesday March 17, 2015

Samsung's recently launched Galaxy S6 is slowly moving around the world, on a pre-order basis at least. The latest country where consumers can now lay down their cash for the upcoming handset is Canada, with the Galaxy S6 available for registrations now. As you would expect for a Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S6 is finding its way to just about every Canadian carrier and retailer.

Sprint Bundle Offers Galaxy S5/Sport and Samsung Tablet
By admin on Tuesday March 17, 2015

Now that Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6, some of its older handsets are becoming even more of an enticing option. Take the very good (if a little uninspired Galaxy S5), the device was a full flagship a few weeks ago, but it is now having a price cut to make way for the GS6. United States based network Sprint has a stellar offer on at the moment that involves the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Coming to AT&T This Week
By Luke Jones on Tuesday March 17, 2015

The Galaxy S5 Mini has been available for some time, and indeed it will likely be replaced by a Galaxy S6 variant in the coming months. However, the handset is only now coming to AT&T, with the Galaxy S5 Mini making its debut on the US network on March 20th (this Friday).

Galaxy S6 Prices in Middle East Revealed
By Luke Jones on Monday March 16, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be rolling out around the world in April, and we are slowly learning how much the handset will cost in certain regions. If you are in the Qatar, Bahrain, or Kuwait and are looking to buy Samsung's latest flagship, you can now find out how much it will cost. No, the South Korean company has not revealed the price, but a leaked document has shown how much the single and dual SIM variant will cost in those countries

Samsung Dominated Smartwatch Sales, Market Still Slow
By Luke Jones on Thursday March 12, 2015

While the wearable smartwatch market is still in its infancy, it seems the same two companies that dominate smartphones will fight once more. They are of course Samsung and Apple. Smartwatch sales figures for the fourth quarter of 2014 showed that Samsung is the comfortable market leader, selling more than double the number of devices of the nearest rivals. Of course, the Apple Watch is launching next month and is expected to outsell even Samsung by possibly millions, but the interesting thing about the following list is how it mirrors the smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Starts Pre-Order Run in UK
By admin on Thursday March 12, 2015

Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have already gone up for pre-order in Europe, but the continents biggest smartphone market, the UK, was not in on the party. That has now changed as the Korean company's new flagship range is now available for pre-order in the British Isles, although Samsung has not made it official yet.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will Sell 46 Million Units this Year
By Luke Jones on Wednesday March 11, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S5 failed to reach sales expectations, selling at a slower pace than the Galaxy S4 and not matching its overall sales. The newly launched Galaxy S6 is a new start for the flagship range though, and already it is generating positive heat. Samsung reported 20 million units have been ordered by retailers and carriers, and now analysts are predicting stellar sales for the handset through this year.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Heads to Europe
By Luke Jones on Tuesday March 10, 2015

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are stealing all the limelight for Samsung, but the company has been busy launching smartphones over the last few months. The Galaxy A series has been rolled out, while the company also launched the Galaxy J series in January with the Galaxy J1. The low-end handset is now making its way to the European market Samsung has announced.

Samsung Spent $13.8 Billion on R&D
By admin on Tuesday March 10, 2015

Samsung is a company that makes a lot of products and makes a lot of money, even if smartphone sales and revenue from handsets have fallen. The Korean giant also spends a lot of money, and it does not always work. For example, the company spends a lot of money on advertising, but sales slipped last year despite the expenditure.