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HTC's RE fails to capture the imagination
By Luke Jones on Thursday October 09, 2014

HTC did not just roll out a new smartphone yesterday, the company also released the RE, a brand new asthma inhaler, I mean toilet pipe, I mean a periscope, I mean camera. Yes, the phallic design of HTC's new camera is hardly in keeping with the company's solid reputation with aesthetics, and that's coming from a fan of HTC hardware. So, what does this camera offer that other point and shoot, actions cams, or even smartphones do not?

HTC launches the Desire EYE
By Luke Jones on Wednesday October 08, 2014

HTC has today launched the Desire EYE, a smartphone that has been rumoured over the last few days and arrives as the company's mid-range camera oriented handset. The Taiwanese giant did not debut a One M8 EYE as was widely reported and it is now not clear whether that flagship device actually exists.

HTC explains lack of smartwatch in 2014
By Luke Jones on Wednesday October 08, 2014

HTC was widely rumoured to be entering the wearable market this year, so much so that renders of the company's smartwatch leaked online and the device was reportedly ready to roll out in September. It is widely thought that the device was on the verge of being rolled out, but HTC pulled the plug at the last moment and decided to scrap wearable plans.

HTC teases One M8 EYE variant
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 07, 2014

HTC has two EYEs on the smartphone world at the moment, a Desire EYE and a One M8 EYE. Both of these handsets are tipped to be launched tomorrow, but it is more likely the M8 EYE will land first and the Desire EYE will launch later in the month. HTC has today teased the One M8 EYE with the above shot that reminds us of the launch date.

HTC Desire 612 is a new Verizon smartphone
By Luke Jones on Monday October 06, 2014

HTC has been expanding its smartphone output this year, even if that has not translated to sales of hardware through the quarters. The Taiwanese giant has padded out its lower end range and is targeting more dynamic roll outs in the United States, which is a key market for HTC. A leak from Verizon reveals today that a new HTC device is coming to the biggest carrier in the US, the new Desire 612.

HTC Desire EYE first pro image
By Luke Jones on Monday October 06, 2014

We have been hearing plenty about HTC's upcoming EYE device and today we can show you a press image of the handset, and it is another fetching addition to HTC's line up. What started as a pretty straightforward launch has turned complicated over the weekend as there seems to be two HTC EYE smartphones due to land at the company's New York launch this week.

HTC turns profit but sales still fall
By Luke Jones on Friday October 03, 2014

HTC has been losing money consistently over recent quarters, but the Taiwanese company had some good news today when it confirmed that it has turned a profit over the last three months. However, while any profit must be welcomed as fantastic news, things are not actually quite as good as they seem and the company still has a massive fight on its hands.

HTC has a Desire EYE in the works, here it is
By Luke Jones on Friday October 03, 2014

I doubted, the tech media community doubted, hell perhaps everyone doubted, but HTC has done the right thing with its upcoming handset. You may remember the One M8 EYE that will be launching next week, a device that was reported to be a variant of the company's flagship device. As it turns out the EYE is actually an entirely new smartphone that will be a part of its Desire range.

Here is the first look at the HTC One M8 EYE
By Luke Jones on Wednesday October 01, 2014

HTC is getting ready to launch a new version of its One M8 smartphone. This new device will get rid of the 4MP UltraPixel camera of the normal M8 that divided opinion and will replace it with a 13MP lens. The new device will retain the dual depth lenses of the original model, but HTC is hoping this fairly standard 13MP snapper will be a hit among smartphone photographers. So much so that the company is calling the device the HTC One M8 EYE and here is the first look of the handset.

HTC One M8 EYE to ditch 4MP lens for a 13MP one
By Luke Jones on Saturday September 27, 2014

HTC has broken tradition in terms of camera technology on its smartphones by not engaging in a megapixel war with rivals, at least on flagship handsets. Much like Apple, the Taiwanese company has a less is more policy and even goes lower than Cupertino with the 4 megapixel UltraPixel camera on the HTC One M8. This rear snapper made its debut on the original HTC One in 2013 and the company insists it is a better mobile photo taking solution than rivals such as Samsung, Sony, and LG.