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Microsoft Details Windows 10 Mobile
By Luke Jones on Thursday May 14, 2015

Microsoft is continuing to flesh out its plans for Windows 10, with the company confirming today that there will be seven different SKUs of the platform. Of course, our primary concern is the mobile oriented version, which will be ushered in later in the year as a replacement for Windows Phone 8. It has been assumed that either Windows Phone 10 or just Windows 10 would be used for the name, but it will actually be called Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft announced.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Receives Mysterious Update
By Luke Jones on Thursday May 14, 2015

If you own Samsung's new Galaxy S6 flagship on AT&T in the United States, you should be receiving a new update for the handset. Interestingly though, it is not entirely clear what the upgrade is for as there has been no changelog released, but it is certainly not for new software as the device remains on Android 5.0.2.

Verizon HTC One M7 Gets Android Lollipop Tomorrow
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 13, 2015

HTC has confirmed that that the HTC One M7 running on Verizon's network will be updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop on May 14th, which is tomorrow! The handset is the original of HTC's current flagship range, a stunning device even today and one that the company promised would get Lollipop way back last year when Google first announced the build at its I/O event.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Finally Getting Lumia Denim Update with AT&T
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 13, 2015

If you own a Nokia Lumia 1020, you probably thought you would never see the Lumia Denim update, which always struck as strange considering it's is one of the high end Windows Phone handsets. Well, the very long wait is finally over as the AT&T variant of the Lumia 1020 is getting the Lumia Denim, which means other versions of the handset should also be getting the update in due course.

Motorola Confirms Android Lollipop for First Gen Moto X
By Luke Jones on Tuesday May 12, 2015

Motorola has been typically quick in updating its smartphone portfolio to Android 5.0 Lollipop and is even moving on to Android 5.1. However, the original 2013 Moto X has proven to be problematic for the company and it has still not received its upgrade to Google's newest operating system. Luckily that is about to change with Motorola confirming that the Moto X will receive the update starting "full deployment in a few weeks."

Dell Venue 8 7000 Receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop
By Luke Jones on Tuesday May 12, 2015

The Dell Venue 8 7000 flies under the radar a little bit, even if it is one of the better Android running tablets on the market at the moment. It is an impressive mobile gaming machine and gets plenty of other things right too. Dell has now confirmed that the slate is now getting its update to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, bringing the Venue 8 7000 to the newest major build of Google?s mobile OS.

Samsung brings Android Lollipop to Budget Galaxy Core Prime
By admin on Tuesday May 12, 2015

Samsung dropped a bit of a surprise today with the news that it is updating the humble Galaxy Core Prime to Android 5.0 Lollipop, with the upgrade starting today. This marks the first device the Korean company has elected to get Lollipop that has a budget price, other Galaxy devices with the updated are high end of mid-range.

Nexus 9 Updated to Android 5.0.2, Lagging Behind other Nexus Devices
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015

The Nexus 9 is a solid tablet and is almost brand new, launched in November 2014 it is the best slate carrying Google's Nexus branding (even if we do like the Nexus 7 too). As a Nexus handset running stock Android, and being so new, we would have thought the Nexus 9 would be right at the top of the list to get new updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Receiving Android Lollipop After-all
By Luke Jones on Monday May 04, 2015

Earlier today we told you about Samsung's decision not to update the Galaxy Note 2 to Android 5.0 Lollipop, as confirmed by Samsung Gulf on a Facebook post. However, there are contradictory messages now coming from Samsung Spain, with that division of the Korean company saying that the aging phablet will indeed be getting the latest full build of Google's operating system.

How to Install Amazon Appstore on Android Smartphone
By admin on Monday May 04, 2015

Android is the top smartphone (and indeed tablet) operating system in the world in terms of market share. Like Apple's iOS App Store, the Google Play Store offers a dizzying array of applications and games, giving users huge choice and enhancing their experience. However, there are actually alternatives, or should we say potent accompaniments to the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Appstore is the chief example.