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Microsoft opens a flagship retail store in New York
By Luke Jones on Monday September 29, 2014

Microsoft has become a hardware brand these days. Sure, the company still generates most of its income from Windows and other services such as Office, but the company also has its own Surface tablets and Lumia (bought from Nokia) smartphones. So, Redmond is now a member of the hardware gang, but does that mean the company has the clout to sell its gear in a dedicated retail space, a-la Apple?

Here's the first image of a Windows only smartphone
By Luke Jones on Monday September 15, 2014

We discussed last week why Microsoft had decided to ditch the Nokia branding from future smartphones, while the company is also getting rid of the Windows Phone branding. Microsoft is instead changing the smartphone brand to just Windows, a bid to unify the whole Windows ecosystem.

Windows Phone budget guide winter 2014
By Luke Jones on Friday September 12, 2014

Microsoft's struggles to grow the Windows Phone platform have been myriad, but one of the main problems has been giving the consumer choice. Nokia did an amazing job in every aspect, delivering smartphones of different styles and price points, but in the past if you wanted a Windows Phone you were limited to the Finnish company and the odd effort from elsewhere.

Skype for Windows Phone now has location sharing
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 11, 2014

Skype is one of the jewels in Microsoft's crown at the moment and its Windows Phone version of the service got a nice update today. The Windows Phone Skype app now has location service baked in that allows users to share their position with whoever they are talking with. The update also gives the ability to switch off notifications, nice if you have a bunch of contacts talking at once.

The Lumia 730 is the affordable selfie phone
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 04, 2014

As expected, Microsoft launched the Nokia Lumia 730 today alongside the 735, a LTE packing variant of the main device. We have seen this handset plenty of times over the weeks leading up to IFA and knew it would be billed as a selfie phone.

Microsoft's new Nokia Lumia 830
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 04, 2014

Microsoft's IFA event happened this morning and the company had a couple of new Nokia Lumia handsets to reveal. The daddy of the pair is the Lumia 830, an affordable solution for those wanting to get the best from Nokia's fantastic PureView camera technology. This is the latest device from Microsoft since acquiring Nokia earlier in the year and proves how aggressively the company is targeting different price points.

Mobile Security in-depth: Windows Phone is the most secure platform says Microsoft
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 02, 2014

With frequent reports of insecurity on Android, it is time to throw the spotlight on Google's main mobile platform rivals. We will take a look at iOS later in the week, but today we will focus on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1, a platform that struggles to compete with Android in terms of market share but is apparently much more secure.

Microsoft's Lumia 830 shown in new render
By Luke Jones on Monday August 25, 2014

The Nokia/Microsoft Lumia 830 is set to land at the IFA trade show in Berlin in one week?s time and will be a mid-range effort that is likely to appeal to those in emerging markets. Of course, those looking to get on the Windows Phone platform anywhere in the world will be able to get the Lumia 830 at a relatively decent price. Today the smartphone has shown up next to what is arguably the daddy of the Lumia range, the 930.

Microsoft makes Opera default browser for budget devices
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 21, 2014

Microsoft's full Windows Phone devices running WP 8.1 have had plenty of attention this weeks as the HTC One M8 launched on the platform. However, the company has some news for those rocking its existing Nokia feature phones by revealing that an agreement has been reached for Opera to become the default web browser on those devices.

Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 730 to launch this month
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 14, 2014

We have been hearing plenty about Microsoft's latest Nokia Lumia device recently, the Lumia 730. The handset is a new budget device that is camera focused and set to appeal to the selfie crowd, although in the wider picture the smartphone is a replacement for the outgoing Lumia 720.