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LG Ice Cream Smart is an Imminent Clamshell Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 21, 2015

LG released the Wine Smart last year, the Korean giants' first ever clamshell device, but quite clearly not its last. That's because the company is working on a new clamshell smartphone, at least that?s the story according to @upleaks.

Secretive New LG Tablet Found at the FCC
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 15, 2015

A new LG tablet has been found on the listings at the FCC, the US body that passes products for sale in the country. The model number LG LK430 gives way to the description of "potable tablet" and the device seems to be well connected with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and interestingly Cat. 4 LTE 4G. According to the listing the new slate is destined for US carrier Sprint.

LG G Flex 2 is here
By Luke Jones on Monday January 05, 2015

LG's new G Flex 2 has been leaked with the official press release and photos giving us the full look at the Korean company's curved screen smartphone. You may remember the original G Flex from last year, it was hugely expensive ($900+), but came with decidedly mid-range specs, leaving the impression that the curved glass screen was actually just a gimmick (it did not even have a Full HD resolution).

High End LG Device Benchmarked with Snapdragon 810
By Luke Jones on Monday January 05, 2015

A high end unknown LG smartphone has arrived on the Geekbench benchmark website, and it looks as though the device will boast the latest and greatest mobile chip technology. The LG-F510L comes with Qualcomm's new and still unused Snapdragon 810 chip, a processor that comes with four Cortex A57's and four Cortex A53's in a big.LITTLE architecture.

Smartphone of the Year: LG G3
By admin on Friday January 02, 2015

This was quite easily the hardest category we tackled for our look back on 2014. The list of devices we could have named is long, ranging from the HTC One M8, the iPhone 6 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Motorola DROID Turbo, and many more from all price points. However, LG's G3 flagship takes the award for the way it announced the company among the best smartphone makers in the world.

LG G Flex 2 could be a Flagship Beast
By admin on Thursday January 01, 2015

Qualcomm has already very briefly teased the new LG G Flex curved screen smartphone. The chip makers teased the device for CES next week and claimed it will be rocking the now ageing Snapdragon 800 processor. However, according to reports today the device will actually go all out and be a flagship.

LG G4 to come with G Pen Stylus?
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 30, 2014

LG's G3 flagship from this year raised the bar for the company and made it a true competitor to compatriot Samsung. The Korean company plans to continue the assault with the upcoming G4, and this time LG is going to use a little help, something Samsung already uses. A stylus.

Qualcomm Teases Snapdragon 800 Powered LG G Flex 2
By admin on Tuesday December 30, 2014

Qualcomm does not just build processors for heavyweight smartphone vendors, the company also dabbles in hardware too. This typically means blockbuster reference devices to show what its latest chipsets can do, but the company also likes to tease devices from some of its partners. The chip maker teased a new smartphone that will be launching at the CES trade show in Las Vegas next week.

LG Surprises with Windows Toting Tab Book Duo
By Luke Jones on Monday December 15, 2014

LG are in the Windows tablet/convertible market now after releasing the Tab Book Duo, a slate none of us saw coming and one that boasts a battery life that rivals iPads and Android tablets. The Korean company has surprised us with the Tab Book Duo, but we are hardly complaining as it seems like the kind of product that could work.

LG Prepping G Pen Samsung Like Stylus
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 09, 2014

We wrote about LG's 2015 smartphone flagship strategy earlier and dropped a little hint toward the G Pen stylus, so we thought now would be a good time to elaborate on that. LG has being doing plenty like Samsung this year, launching a flagship that disrupted its compatriot and then releasing multiple devices in numerous niches just like Sammy tends to do.