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Motorola Starts Updating 2013 Moto X to Android 5.1.1
By admin on Saturday June 20, 2015

We broke the news earlier this month that Motorola will be bringing Android 5.1.1 Lollipop to its original Moto X some time during June. Fast forward two weeks and the company is delivering on its promise and is now updating its 2013 flagship in three countries, with more sure to follow.

OnePlus Shows Hidden OnePlus Two
By admin on Thursday June 18, 2015

We already know that OnePlus is going to launch its next smartphone during the third quarter, and we guessed that the OnePlus Two would be more expensive than the OnePlus One. The Chinese company has also sent out an image that actually reveals the OnePlus Two, but before getting too excited it is worth mentioning that the image you see above is the OnePlus Two hidden.

HTC Denies ASUS Buyout Claim
By admin on Monday June 15, 2015

HTC has wasted no time in shooting down rumors that it is talk to merge with fellow Taiwanese company ASUS. The funny thing about the whole story is that the initial report came straight from ASUS, with the company's chairman Johnny Shih saying that he is not ruling out the possibility of his company purchasing troubled HTC at some point.

BlackBerry Venice will run Android and be made with Samsung?
By admin on Monday June 15, 2015

BlackBerry used to be something of a closed shop, but during trying times the company has learned to play with others and has released its services on other platforms. How far is the Canadian brand willing to push this cross platform ethos? Pretty far it seems, at least according to Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger.

Windows 10 Mobile Landing in September
By admin on Wednesday June 10, 2015

Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 will be launching on July 29th, but the company has yet to offer an official date for Windows 10 Mobile. PC?s and tablets will be getting the full Windows 10 OS during July, but the mobile version is going to land at a later date. According to a report today from Neowin suggests that Windows 10 Mobile will be launched in September.

Xiaomi has Sold more than 10 Million Redmi 2 Devices
By admin on Tuesday June 09, 2015

Xiaomi is in a position to expand past smartphones these days, with the company announcing smart air conditioners today. However, handsets still make up 99% of the Chinese brands' business, and the Redmi 2 and Redmi 2A smartphones are proving to be among the company's most popular. Xiaomi announced that combined both device have surpassed 10 million in unit sales.

Windows Phone Grows 300% in Pakistan, Topples iOS
By admin on Monday June 08, 2015

With Windows Phone lagging so far behind Android and iOS globally, any victory for the platform should be celebrated. So the news that Windows Phone is thriving in Pakistan should be music to Microsoft's ears, even if the country is not a key market for smartphone sales. Certainly, with market share in the United States falling 21% during the first quarter of the year, Redmond could use all the good news it can get.

Samsung Accidently Confirms Galaxy S6 Active
By admin on Monday June 08, 2015

As we expected, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 Active today, the company's rugged version of its flagship smartphone. The device has been widely tipped to land soon, and it was listed on the company's website late last week, only to be removed shortly after. However, while the listing seems to have been premature.

Apple to Launch Small iPhone alongside iPhone 7
By admin on Friday June 05, 2015

With the release of a new iPhone just a few months away, the rumour mill is cranking into action regarding what Apple's exact plans are for its market leading smartphone. However, while there are plenty of reports about the upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, what about going even further to next year's (2016) model, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

Nintendo NX Console not getting Android
By admin on Wednesday June 03, 2015

At the start of the week there were reports that Nintendo?s next games console would run the Android platform. We thought that was wishful thinking, and it seems we were right as the Japanese company (through a spokesman) has told the Wall Street Journal that "there is no truth to those reports".