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Unlocked HTC 10 Coming to United States
By Josh Dasey on Monday May 02, 2016

HTC will be launching the unlocked version of the 10 flagship in the United States during the coming week, according to the company's Jeff Gordon. The Taiwanese giant says that the device will be shipping this week for those who don't want the Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or other carrier versions fo the handset.

LG Spree: A Forgettable Entry Level Handset for Cricket
By Josh Dasey on Thursday March 10, 2016

We are spoilt for choice at the entry level of the smartphone market these days, so when an underwhelming handset arrives we are of course disappointed. It is easy to forget that these are handsets that cost little, so our disappointment should always be tempered by that. However, with this market thriving you really to not need to buy something cheap and nasty.

Apple to Use Folding Screen for iPhone Pro
By Luke Jones on Wednesday March 09, 2016

We have pretty much lost faith in the rumor we published yesterday regarding Apple making a 5.8-inch iPhone with OLED screen. While the initial claim itself is not outlandish, pointing to a 2017 (at the earliest) launch for the device, the latest report suggesting Apple will fit the handset with folding screens has us plenty skeptical.

HTC Signs Exclusive Nexus Deal for 3 Years?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday March 09, 2016

HTC is fighting to keep itself relevant, and much will depend on the company's upcoming One M10 flagship and whether the Vive VR headset can convert its buzz into sales. Another way would be for the company to cozy up to Google and the Android platform even more, which could actually be in the offing as reports suggest HTC has signed a three year deal to build Nexus hardware.

Apple Working Towards 5.8-inch OLED iPhone
By Micah Bartos on Tuesday March 08, 2016

Apple is fully expected to launch a smaller (iPhone Se) this month, but what about the company's upcoming flagships that will launch at the end of year? The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should be a near total overhaul of the current iPhone 6 range, and that could mean an even larger screen for the Plus, according to some reports.

Best Buy and Verizon Shipping Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Early
By Micah Bartos on Monday March 07, 2016

Both Best Buy and Verizon have started shipping the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the two new flagships from the Korean giant. Samsung said during the launch of the handsets that it would launch the devices on March 11, but it seems the two U.S. based retailers are getting ahead of the game and fulfilling pre-order commitments early.

OnePlus Raises Curtain on Monthly Installment Smartphone Purchases
By Josh Dasey on Monday March 07, 2016

OnePlus already has some mighty affordable smartphones, if bang for your buck is your particular bag then the Chinese company is a solid port of call. However, OnePlus is now making it even easier for consumers in the United States to buy its handsets, by debuting a new program that offers monthly installment purchases for all transactions over $99.

4K Screens are here to Stay Says Samsung Exec
By Pablo Jimenez on Wednesday March 02, 2016

Sony was the first, and so far only, smartphone company to debut a handset rocking a 4K resolution screen, but while the Xperia Z5 Premium has been described as a gimmick, one of Sony's main rivals thinks 4K will become more popular in the mobile space.

Vivo Xplay 5: World?s First 6GB RAM Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Tuesday March 01, 2016

As ridiculous as it is, the Android market is one of spec one-upmanship. The company with the beefier hardware stands out, at least that is how many Chinese companies approach the platform, thinking that the more specs you cram in the better the device is. It almost never works like that, the best companies and handsets combine strong specs with manufacturing knowhow.

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Lack Quick Charge 3.0
By Luke Jones on Tuesday March 01, 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are a pair of smartphones that are packed to the gills with the latest mobile hardware, a veritable mix of the latest and greatest technology. However, while Samsung has spared no expense in virtually all departments, it has seemingly stopped short of pushing the boat out for quick charging.