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Nokia Biding Time for Ideal Return to Smartphone Market
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 23, 2016

Nokia has been out of the smartphone game for over two years, since it sold off its Lumia devices and services division to Microsoft. As part of the deal the Finnish giant could not make a rival device until this year, but with that accord coming to an end Nokia is ready to make handsets again. The company's CEO used an MWC press event to say the company wants to make a new smartphone, but is in no rush.

Nokia C1 Shows up again in Real-Life Image
By Luke Jones on Monday September 07, 2015

Last week we reported on the Nokia C1, the company's first foray back into the smartphone world after the Lumia division was purchased by Microsoft. The leak last week revealed a computer generated render of the C1 and did not give away too much in terms of finer design details. However, a new leak today seems to show the handset for real, in an actual photo.

Nokia C1 is Company's Road Back into Smartphones
By Luke Jones on Friday September 04, 2015

Nokia will soon be able to build smartphones again. The Finnish company cannot do so until 2016, per the agreement signed when Microsoft bought the Lumia division. However, Nokia has been in development it seems and this render reportedly shows the smartphone the company will launch when it is back in the handset game.

Lumia 520 is the most Popular Windows Phone Handset
By admin on Wednesday May 27, 2015

Windows Phone isn't really the platform you go to for flagship kicks. Sure, the HTC One M8 for Windows is a fine high end device, as are the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 at a push, but for the most part the platform is littered with budget handsets. It is a trend that started when Nokia rejuvenated Windows Phone, and it has continued in earnest since Microsoft bought the Lumia division.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Finally Getting Lumia Denim Update with AT&T
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 13, 2015

If you own a Nokia Lumia 1020, you probably thought you would never see the Lumia Denim update, which always struck as strange considering it's is one of the high end Windows Phone handsets. Well, the very long wait is finally over as the AT&T variant of the Lumia 1020 is getting the Lumia Denim, which means other versions of the handset should also be getting the update in due course.

Nokia to Make Smartphones in 2016
By Luke Jones on Monday April 27, 2015

Since Microsoft purchased Nokia's Lumia smartphone division in a multi-billion dollar buyout last year, we have heard mixed messages about whether Nokia would ever build mobile devices again. The company hinted at one stage that it would leave the smartphone market behind, although a tablet along the way showed that the Finnish giant still harbours hardware aspirations.

Nokia to Make Smartphones in 2016
By Luke Jones on Monday April 20, 2015

For mobile phone users of a certain vintage, Nokia holds a special place in the heart, the company was after-all the biggest cellular phone manufacturer in the world for several years. However, the Finnish giant has sort of just faded away since Microsoft bought its devices division back last year. Sure, Nokia software is doing well (HERE Maps, Z Launcher) and there has even been a tablet release, but Nokia the phone company is simply no more.

Meizu and Nokia Making Smartphone Again
By Luke Jones on Tuesday March 17, 2015

There have been plenty of rumors that Meizu and Nokia are working together. It was initially thought that the companies are making a smartphone, both denied it and confirmed that Nokia could be involved in Meizu's future smartphone cameras. However, the rumor that the brands are collaborating on a smartphone has returned, with a bit more information in tow.

Nokia HERE Maps Lands on iOS
By admin on Wednesday March 11, 2015

It is easy to think sometimes that Google Maps is the only robust maps software out there, and certainly Mountain Views' service is deserving of its dominant market share. However, Nokia's HERE Maps has been providing a viable alternative to Google Maps for some time, especially with its free offline turn by turn navigation.

HERE Maps Leaves Beta on Android
By Luke Jones on Monday February 16, 2015

Nokia's fantastic HERE Maps is a true rival to Google Maps and it of course comes with offline navigation. However, it has only been making tentative steps into the Android space in beta form... until now that is. A new major update for the Android version of the apps takes it from the beta stage and it is now a full release app.