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Lenovo K3 Music Lemon Target Xiaomi under $100
By Luke Jones on Saturday December 06, 2014

The success of Xiaomi has not just hit Samsung hard, other Chinese companies such as ZTE, Huawei, and Lenovo have been affected by the company's rise. Lenovo is attempting to hit back with a well spec'd smartphone that is ultra-affordable, the Lenovo K3 "Music Lemon". Weird name aside, the device is available in China right now and turns out to be a bit of a bargain at around $96 (599 CNY).

Samsung debuts the Galaxy Tab Active
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 04, 2014

Samsung launched its mobile devices yesterday at IFA and was focused on other products today (TVs and washing machines for example), but the company had one more trick card up its sleeve. The Korean company sneaked out the Galaxy Tab Active, because, you know, this is Samsung and the company just can?t resist launching products.

Sony raises the curtain on the Xperia Z3 Compact
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 03, 2014

Sony has launched its new Xperia Z3 Compact today at IFA, a smaller version of the also announced Xperia Z3 flagship. As we expected, the new Compact follows the Z2 version by offering a complete flagship experience in a smaller form factor. Simply put, if you want a device with a smaller screen then this could be the one for you, and it is infinitely better than handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and HTC One Mini 2.

Sony unveils SmartBand Talk with calling capabilities
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 03, 2014

Sony got its IFA underway with its wearables today and the SmartBand Talk got the ball rolling in Berlin. When this device leaked this week I speculated that the Talk meant that this fitness tracker could take calls, but that seemed unlikely. As it turns out the SmartBand Talk can in fact take and make calls thanks to the built in microphone and speaker.

Samsung unveils two sided screen Galaxy Note Edge
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 03, 2014

Samsung pulled out a surprise at IFA by launching the Galaxy Note Edge, a phablet smartphone that features a folding two sided screen.

Samsung launches the Galaxy note 4
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 03, 2014

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 4 here at IFA, introducing the fourth iteration of its phablet flagship to the market. The Korean company started the event by reminding everyone that it was it that started the phablet trend with the original Note and that the S Pen is a standout feature of the niche.

ASUS shows off the MeMO Pad 7 smartphone like tablet
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 03, 2014

All the buzz around ASUS at IFA this morning may have been because of the ZenWatch wearable, but the Taiwanese company had some other products to show off too. Such as the new MeMO Pad 7, a tablet that really blurs the lines between slate and smartphone, almost looking like a phablet handset as opposed to a full tablet.

ASUS debuts the ZenWatch
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 03, 2014

We all knew ASUS would be releasing a smartwatch at IFA this week and the company has unveiled it today. The ZenWatch comes with quite a few surprises though, as it is not the affordable wearable solution we thought it would be and it is not the basic take on the smartwatch we thought it would be.

Gionee's Elife S5.1 is the world's thinnest smartphone
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 02, 2014

The world's thinnest phone has been officially launched and it is a smartphone you will never have, or maybe even never want. The Gionee Elife S5.1 from Chinese brand Gionee was revealed sometime back, but is only getting its official launch today, boasting a minimal 5.1mm thick (or should that be thin?) body.

HTC's budget Desire 510
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 28, 2014

HTC has been expanding its product lines of late and is likely to continue doing so with the upcoming Nexus 8 tablet for Google and a HTC smartwatch. However, before the company ties up those high end products, it is focusing on something a bit more affordable with the Desire 510, a handset it launched yesterday and has been showing off today.