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Lenovo Has Three New Tablets to Check Out
By Josh Dasey on Tuesday February 23, 2016

Lenovo rolled out a couple of new smartphones at MWC, but the Chinese company also has a few tablets to show up at the trade show in Barcelona. The company says two of the slates are for families, while the third is oriented towards the business minded. The tablets in question are TAB3 7, TAB3 8, and the TAB3 10.

Lenovo Debuts Vibe K5 and Vibe K5 Plus at MWC
By Josh Dasey on Tuesday February 23, 2016

Lenovo's presence at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) was fairly substantial, with the Chinese company unveiling new smartphones and tablets. In terms of handsets, the Motorola owner raised the curtain on a pair of devices that are aimed at the budget crowd. However, as we have become used to with Chinese companies, the Vibe K5 and K5 Plus provide a potent package for their humble price points.

Specs of Lenovo vibe X3 Lite Leak
By Ang Torres on Monday October 26, 2015

The Lenovo vibe X3 Lite, as the name suggests, is a more affordable and toned down version of the regular vibe X3. The handset has not been given the official treatment by Lenovo just yet, but the specs of the modest budget device have leaked online.

Motorola Designed Lenovo Lemon X is a Stylish Metal Handset
By admin on Wednesday September 23, 2015

Lenovo's purchase of Motorola from Google went through at the start of this year and with the backing of the Chinese company Motorola has been able to deliver some very good products in 2015. However, while both Lenovo and Motorola have been operating separately it is thought that Lenovo will merge its own mobile division into Motorola to form one company.

Lenovo Vibe X3 Passes TENAA
By Luke Jones on Monday September 07, 2015

Lenovo rolled out a bunch of new smartphones at IFA last week, but the company left one behind to launch this week. The Vibe X3 is actually not new to us as it was first leaked way back in February and was not launched, leading us to think it arrived as something else. Not so however as Lenovo is now pushing the Vibe X3 to release.

Lenovo Vibe S1 Boasts Two Selfie Cameras
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 03, 2015

Lenovo has unveiled a smartphone at the IFA trade show that sports dual cameras on the front facing (screen) side of the handset. The device is the Vibe S1, a high end smartphone that Lenovo is clearly pushing as something of a selfie enthusiasts dream.

Lenovo Vibe P1 and Vibe P1m Land at IFA
By admin on Thursday September 03, 2015

Among the smartphones being shown off by Lenovo at IFA in Berlin are the Vibe P1 and Vibe P1m, a pair of handsets that are high end and have one particular calling card. That is their batteries, with the Vibe smartphones packing among the largest juicers in the mobile market.

Lenovo Officially Launches Phab and Phab Plus
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 03, 2015

Lenovo Phab Plus is a Smartphone with a Huge Screen
By Luke Jones on Monday August 31, 2015

Is it a smartphone or is it a tablet? Lenovo is sort of aiming for the former, which makes its newly announced Phab Plus among the biggest smartphones available. This enormous handset comes with a massive 6.8-inch screen, which is much larger than just about any other mainstream smartphone on the market.

Lenovo Vibe X3 Benched: Solid Specs
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 05, 2015

Lenovo's new Vibe X3 has been reported for some time and now it seems as though the handset is close to launching after passing through GFXBench recently. The overall specs seem to show that Lenovo's latest mid-range smartphone will be a solid overall package and should come with an affordable price tag once it launches at IFA in Berlin last month.