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Sprint to win 50,000 Customers from T-Mobile in Q4
By Ang Torres on Tuesday December 08, 2015

T-Mobile's turnaround and growth in the last four years has been unprecedented, and while the carrier has bloodied the nose of all its rivals, it delivered more blows to Sprint. Indeed, the Magenta Network replaced Sprint as the third largest carrier in the United States. However, the Now Network is now striking back and 2015 has been its best performance in years, with the fourth quarter set to continue the solid streak.

Sprint Record Best Quarter in Some Time
By Josh Dasey on Tuesday November 03, 2015

Sprint has suffered a difficult few years as consumers have turned to other carriers and the company's reputation has taken a kicking. After conceding market position to T-Mobile last year, Sprint is the fourth largest carrier in the United States these days, but the company is showing signs of turning the situation around. Through the third quarter (Sprint's fiscal Q2) the company revealed that it is gaining customers and people are not leaving in the rates they previously were.

Vodafone Says Nearly 2000 Customer Accounts Breached
By Josh Dasey on Monday November 02, 2015

British based carrier Vodafone, the second largest telecommunications provider in the world, has announced that a recent hack resulted in some 1,827 customers having their account data stolen. Vodafone has been subjected to two attacks in October, with 20,000 customers on MVNO TalkTalk earlier last month.

T-Mobile Turns Profit off 2.3 Million New Customers
By Ang Torres on Tuesday October 27, 2015

T-Mobile enjoyed another successful three months through the third quarter of 2015 as the company announced 2.3 million net customers for the period ending September 30. The Magenta Network is actually making a profit these days, with income flowing finally on the back of plenty of growth and market buzz.

T-Mobile Announced Uncarrier X for November 10
By Josh Dasey on Tuesday October 27, 2015

T-Mobile's Uncarrier movement caused ripples in the wireless provider market at first, but soon the project sent huge tsunami's sweeping over the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and especially Sprint. Now the Magenta Network is coming back with Uncarrier 10, which has been scheduled for launch at a media event on November 10.

Sprint Responds to Rivals, get the iPhone 6s for $1
By admin on Thursday September 24, 2015

T-Mobile, Verizon, and indeed Apple have all revealed upgrade programs for the iPhone moving forward, replacing the normal subsidized phone contracts. But what about the companies that are still doing the traditional model, like AT&T and Sprint? Well, AT&T has yet to reveal what it is doing with the iPhone 6s, but Sprint has just revealed a payment option of just $1 for the new iPhone 6s.

Sprint CEO Hints at Cable Company Merger
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 24, 2015

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has issued the business equivalent of a come and get me plea by telling Reuters on Thursday that the carrier would fare better in the current market if it merged with a cable company. In other words, Claure is saying to cable companies that Sprint is open for business, but the recent purchase of Cablevision means there are not strong acquisitions in the telecommunication industry.

Verizon Debuts iPhone Upgrade Plans
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 24, 2015

We are not exactly surprised to see that Verizon has created a program for upgrading the iPhone year after year. The company followed T-Mobile's path by doing away with subsidized contracts, which prompted Apple to create its iPhone Upgrade Program and for T-Mobile to follow suit. Verizon is now joining the party with its Device Payment option.

T-Mobile Launches iPhone 6s Upgrade Program, Device for $5
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 23, 2015

T-Mobile has unveiled an enticing upgrade program for the iPhone 6s, a deal clearly worked up to offer an interesting response to Apple?s own iPhone Upgrade Program. Indeed, the Magenta Network, which is as responsible as most for changing the landscape away from carrier contracts, is making it possible to get the new Apple flagship for as little as $5.

Verizon Announces New Logo
By admin on Thursday September 03, 2015

This is the week of companies overhauling their logos. Meizu got the ball rolling with its new design, while Google followed suit yesterday with a change of all its logos and icons, and now it is the turn of United States carrier Verizon.