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Samsung Gear trademark applications point to SIM-capable and Android Wear watches
By Andrew Kameka on Friday April 11, 2014

Trademark filings by Samsung make whispers of a smartwatch that doesn't need to connect to a phone seem more plausible, and reveal what may be the name of Samsung's Android Wear wristwatch.

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit get highly detailed hands-on video
By Andrew Kameka on Monday March 10, 2014

Samsung has posted its own official hands-on video to detail the features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Fit, the two wearable devices unveiled a few weeks ago.

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo now official and Android-free
By Andrew Kameka on Sunday February 23, 2014

It was rumored recently that Samsung would release an early successor to its Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, and those rumors have proven truthful with an announcement late last night that Samsung has two new editions of the Gear, both running Tizen OS instead of Android.

The new Samsung Galaxy Gear will run Tizen OS, not Android
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday February 19, 2014

It might seem strange that Samsung would choose to release a Galaxy Gear follow-up only five months after the original first went on sale, but the next smartwatch will be different from the first thanks to a new operating system.

Tizen loses carrier allies and faces tough road ahead
By Andrew Kameka on Monday February 03, 2014

Tizen may die out before the operating system even has a chance to officially enter the world. The upstart OS developed by Samsung and Intel has lost several carrier supporters in the run-up to its debut.

Samsung confirms Tizen smartphone will debut at Mobile World Congress 2014
By Andrew Kameka on Friday January 24, 2014

The long-delayed Tizen operating system spearheaded by Samsung and Intel won't be released until later this year, but Samsung has chosen to host a press event on February 23rd to showcase progress of and concepts of what consumers can expect when Tizen finally goes on sale

Samsung says it won't bring Tizen to the United States
By Andrew Kameka on Friday January 10, 2014

Samsung has confirmed long-running suspicions that Tizen, its long-delayed operating system developed with Intel, will not launch in the United States. Well, at least not a Samsung-developed Tizen phone any time soon.

Tizen Association adds 36 new members
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 12, 2013

Tizen, the smartphone operating system spearheaded by Samsung and Intel, has formed partnerships with a few dozen new companies. The list of members is a mix of familiar names and upstarts who have all signed on to help build the operating system.

Samsung Tizen phones are still MIA as Samsung details future plans and reveals first device
By Andrew Kameka on Monday November 11, 2013

When Samsung reiterated plans to abandon its Bada OS in favor of developing Tizen with Intel, the company said that it would release multiple Tizen devices by the end of the year. So far only one Tizen has been released, and it isn't the phone we expected.

Samsung Bada will go bye-bye as company focuses on Tizen - just as it said it would a year ago
By Andrew Kameka on Monday February 25, 2013

Samsung will abandon its own Bada OS in favor of Tizen, the Linux-based smartphone operating system the company has been developing with Intel. The low-end market will lose one OS and gain another with its best features later this year.