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Jolla Sailfish smartphones will go on sale November 27
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 14, 2013

Finnish smartphone maker Jolla has confirmed the launch date for the smartphones running Sailfish OS, an operating system that emerged from the ashes of MeeGo and recently announced compatibility for Android apps. Jolla also detailed how it release its first smartphones.

Jolla Sailfish OS adds Android apps in a play for increased relevance
By Andrew Kameka on Monday September 16, 2013

Jolla's Sailfish OS, an offshoot of the MeeGo operating system Nokia abandoned for Windows Phone, is now capable of running Android apps on its smartphones. Will that make Sailfish more appealing?

Jolla shows The Other Half and announces the world's first Sailfish OS smartphone
By Andrew Kameka on Monday May 20, 2013

After months of showing off its Meego-inspired operating system that also supports Android apps, Jolla today announced the first Sailfish OS smartphone set to go on sale later this year.

Jolla names new CEO ahead of Sailfish OS unveiling
By Andrew Kameka on Monday October 15, 2012

Jolla, the developer of a MeeGo-based operating system set to debut next month, has a new CEO. The Finnish firm announced via Twitter that founding member Marc Dillon has been promoted from COO to CEO.

Nokia outcasts Jolla Ltd. set to debut MeeGo-based OS and phone next month
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday October 02, 2012

Former Nokia executives formed the startup Jolla Ltd. to resurrect MeeGo, and the company will soon showcase a MeeGo-based OS and phone ahead of its planned launch in 2013.

MeeGo smartphones get a new lease on life thanks to Finnish start-up
By Dan Seifert on Tuesday July 10, 2012

A new company plans to take Nokia's abandoned MeeGo smartphone platform and use it to produce new devices. Jolla Ltd. is a Finnish start-up run by former Nokia executives who worked on the MeeGo program at the mobile phone giant.

Nokia N9 sees MeeGo PR1.3 update with 1,000 supposed improvements
By Dan Seifert on Wednesday July 04, 2012

Despite the fact that Nokia has decided to abandon future development on its MeeGo platform, that hasn't stopped the company from continuing to improve the version of the software that is found on the N9 smartphone. The latest update for the device, which is rolling out to users now, bumps the software version up to PR1.3 and includes over 1,000 supposed improvements. Nokia says that the fixes included apply to the email app, Facebook, Twitter. Network connectivity is also said to be improved with the update. Users can download the 203MB update directly to their N9 handsets over-the-air once it is made available to them.

Nokia N9 updated to MeeGo PR1.2; gains folders, video calling, continuous shooting
By Dan Seifert on Tuesday March 06, 2012

The Nokia N9 may be a dead product with a dead-end operating system, but that hasn't stopped Nokia from pumping out numerous software updates that add features and fix bugs. The latest update brings the platform to version PR1.2 and adds significant features like video calling and app folder organization.

Nokia preps MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 beta for developers
By Dan Seifert on Wednesday January 18, 2012

Nokia's MeeGo platform may have been pushed aside for Windows Phone, but the company is still working to improve the operating system for the one device on the market that runs it - the N9.

Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone video tour
By Dan Seifert on Thursday November 10, 2011

The Nokia N9 was announced earlier this summer as Nokia's new flagship smartphone. Unfortunately, its reign did not last very long, as it was usurped by the Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone in October, and the N9 was discontinued.