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This is what webOS has become: an LG TV debuting next week
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 02, 2014

Remember webOS? The promising but failed operating system created Palm, acquired by and seemingly killed off by HP has found a new home. Surprisingly, it's not on a smartphone or tablet, but instead, a television LG is likely to showcase next week.

webOS will reappear as a TV set at CES
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday December 19, 2013

Palm webOS never quite took off in the mobile sphere, even after HP acquired Palm and failed to release a successful product running the software. LG purchased the rights to webOS and now plans to see if it can be more effective as an OS designed for sitting on the couch.

HP releases Open webOS 1.0
By Andrew Kameka on Friday September 28, 2012

HP may have ceased production on webOS smartphones and tablets - for now, at least - but the company hasn't stopped working on the operating system that powered devices like the Palm Pre and HP Touchpad.

HP releases Open webOS beta ahead of September launch
By Andrew Kameka on Friday August 31, 2012

The Open webOS project has taken another step towards fulfilling HP's pledge to keep webOS alive. Following a promise to release webOS under an open source license, HP released a beta version of the code today. The code and development tools are the first step towards making the software that powered the Palm Pre and HP Touchpad useable for developers looking to put the software on other devices. HP has dropped efforts to build consumer products using webOS software, but the company has made 54 components and 450,000 lines of code available to developers. The final release of Open webOS is expected next month.

HP releases version 2 of Enyo development framework for mobile devices
By Dan Seifert on Wednesday July 18, 2012

HP's Enyo project, the open-source development platform that sprung from the ashes of webOS, has now reached version 2 and is available for developers to use. The new version of Enyo branches out beyond webOS and now lets developers use it to build apps for iOS and Android, as well as browser-based web apps. Version 2 also includes new user interface widgets for developers to play with in their apps, as well as a new system for outside developers to contribute code to the project. Interested developers can check out Enyo 2 at www.enyojs.com now.

Key members of webOS Enyo team reportedly leaving HP for Google
By Dan Seifert on Friday May 25, 2012

According to a report by The Verge, key members of the webOS Enyo team are leaving HP for greener pastures over at Google. Enyo, for the unaware, is the development framework that was introduced with the HP TouchPad tablet and open sourced by HP late last year.

HP swings the hatchet again, cuts 275 more webOS jobs
By Michelle Ruhfass on Wednesday February 29, 2012

Back in September, HP let go over 500 of its webOS workface and it looks like another 275 more are next on the chopping block.

HP releases more webOS open source components
By Dan Seifert on Tuesday February 14, 2012

HP is living up to its word that it will release more parts of the webOS operating system to the open source community on a monthly basis, as it has just announced the availability of three new pieces of the system.

HP to release open source Open webOS 1.0 in full by September
By Dan Seifert on Wednesday January 25, 2012

Following through on its commitment to open source the webOS operating system, HP has announced that it plans to progressively open source bits and pieces of the platform, culminating in a full release of the new Open webOS 1.0 by September.

HP updates webOS for TouchPad, Pre 2 and 3
By Michelle Ruhfass on Friday January 13, 2012

HP has bumped up its webOS operating system for its TouchPad tablet as well as its Pre 2 and Pre 3 smartphones.