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Sony Launches Solid Xperia C4 Selfie Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015

After the very disappointing release of the Xperia Z4 recently, Sony could do with releasing some smartphones that hit the mark. The newly announced Xperia C4 certainly fits the bill, it is a marked improvement over last year's well received Xperia C3. While the C4 is not the true flagship we want from the Japanese company, it does prove itself to be one of the best selfie phones available at the moment.

Galaxy J1 Coming to Verizon... Too Expensive?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015

While most of the Samsung news recently has been about the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6, the company has another smartphone on the way. The mega affordable Galaxy J1 is launching in Europe and Asia, but according to reports today the J1 is also going to be making its way to Verizon. The largest network in the United States is of course a big supporter of Samsung, so adding an entry level device to its portfolio makes sense.

Nexus 9 Updated to Android 5.0.2, Lagging Behind other Nexus Devices
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015

The Nexus 9 is a solid tablet and is almost brand new, launched in November 2014 it is the best slate carrying Google's Nexus branding (even if we do like the Nexus 7 too). As a Nexus handset running stock Android, and being so new, we would have thought the Nexus 9 would be right at the top of the list to get new updates.

Motorola Moto X 3rd Generation Specs
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015

The Moto X second generation is a solid device, but considering Motorola rolled out the better DROID Turbo and Nexus 6 later it has never felt quite like a true flagship. The next iteration, the 2015 version of the Moto X has the chance to change that by arriving with the best hardware, such as a Quad HD screen and a newer processor/battery etc. The question is will it? Well, it seems yes as the specs for the 2015 Motorola Moto X have apparently leaked.

HTC Suffers Worst April in Six Years, One M9 to Blame
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015

Many people have been writing HTC off for a few years, but over the quarters the company has managed to make a profit and confound critics. The Taiwanese giant did that by launching well spec'd handsets with blazing designs, generally adding something interesting to the market. The One M7 and One M8 led that charge with all-metal designs and flagship specs.

Lollipop Adopted by Nearly 10% of All Android Users, Platform Still Fragmented
By Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015

Google has revealed a fresh round of Android adoption figures, revealing that the new 5.0 Lollipop build is starting to take hold. However, as is always the case, the platform remains deeply fragmented and the among most used full build is over three years old. Comparisons to Google's great rival Apple will also be made again, with Android struggling to get even close to iOS? adoption levels.

T-Mobile Updating Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to Android Lollipop
By Luke Jones on Tuesday May 05, 2015

It has only been a week since T-Mobile started sending Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and today the Note Edge is also in line for the update. The "Uncarrier" network officially announced that the upgrade is going to the device with the curved screen from today in a staged over the air roll out.

HTC One M9ew Passes TENNA
By Luke Jones on Tuesday May 05, 2015

HTC is going One M9 crazy; after launching the flagship the Taiwanese company has launched several variants of the handset. We don't think they should be doing that considering the M9 has hardly been a success so far, but HTC is carrying on and will be pushing out another one. The One M9ew, a plastic version of the M9+ has passed through TENNA.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Iron Man Special Edition
By Luke Jones on Tuesday May 05, 2015

With Avengers: Age of Ultron currently storming theaters, it is fitting to have a smartphone tie-in and no company does marking quite like Samsung. The world's largest smartphone company has announced a new special edition of its Galaxy S6 flagship, one that is colored like Iron Man's armour. Is this the smartphone Tony Stark would use? Who knows, but this funky color certainly looks good. In fact, all the Avengers are covered, so there is a Hulk color, a Captain America color, and... well you get the picture.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Receiving Android Lollipop After-all
By Luke Jones on Monday May 04, 2015

Earlier today we told you about Samsung's decision not to update the Galaxy Note 2 to Android 5.0 Lollipop, as confirmed by Samsung Gulf on a Facebook post. However, there are contradictory messages now coming from Samsung Spain, with that division of the Korean company saying that the aging phablet will indeed be getting the latest full build of Google's operating system.