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Nokia Belle Refresh launched for select Symbian phones
By Andrew Kameka on Monday August 27, 2012

Nokia is now delivering its Symbian Belle Refresh update to select phones. The software update adds a new browser that supports HTML5 web apps, a new home screen widget, and integrated support for Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 and the Microsoft Office Mobile Apps that launched in February. The Belle Refresh is now rolling out in phases to SIM-free phones; models that have been tweaked for country or carrier-specific reasons will arrive in the coming weeks, according to Nokia. The following models are slated to be updated: Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7 and Nokia Oro with version number 111.040.1511

Digia buys Qt development framework from Nokia, plans to port it to other platforms
By Dan Seifert on Thursday August 09, 2012

Software company Digia announced today that it is purchasing the Qt development platform from Nokia. Digia will acquire the Qt software technology and all related businesses from Nokia, and plans to continue development efforts and port it to other mobile platforms.

Nokia N9 added to Nokia Suite 3.5 Beta for Windows
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday August 08, 2012

Nokia may have put all of its chips behind Windows Phone, but the company hasn't completely forgotten its legacy devices. The company has updated its Nokia Suite 3.5 Beta for Windows to support the Meego-powered N9.

Nokia 808 PureView now shipping from Amazon
By Dan Seifert on Monday July 09, 2012

Nokia's 808 PureView may not be the best smartphone choice for everyone, but fans of Symbian and ground-breaking imaging technology can now get their hands on the device from Amazon. The online retailer is now shipping orders of the 41 megapixel smartphone on a same day basis. Buyers can expect to shell out $699 for an unlocked version of the 808 that is compatible with either AT&T's or T-Mobile's 3G services. For more on the 808 PureView, be sure to check out our full review.

Nokia 808 PureView video review
By Dan Seifert on Thursday July 05, 2012

The Nokia 808 PureView is a pretty basic Symbian smartphone with one very interesting feature: it comes with a 41 megapixel camera. The camera technology is something that Nokia has been working on for five years, and it lets users capture images with amazing amounts of detail. The PureView mode of the camera records images at 3, 5, or 8 megapixels, and lets users zoom in on their subject without any loss of detail. Likewise the 1080p video mode features lossless zooming while recording.

Nokia 808 PureView 1080p sample video clip
By Dan Seifert on Thursday July 05, 2012

The Nokia 808 PureView features a unique camera that can record full 1080p HD video and let the user zoom while recording without any loss of detail. The 41 megapixel camera can capture still images at up to 38 megapixels of resolution, and features a 26mm equivalent f/2.4 Carl Zeiss lens. Additionally, the 808 PureView can capture audio that is over 100 decibels clearly, making it well-suited for recording live music. The 808 PureView can be purchased unlocked for $699 now.

Nokia 808 PureView review
By Dan Seifert on Wednesday July 04, 2012

The Nokia 808 PureView is a Symbian smartphone with one saving grace: an incredible camera. Dan takes it for a spin in the full MobileBurn review.

Google retires Search app for Symbian smartphones
By Dan Seifert on Tuesday July 03, 2012

Google announced today that it will soon put its Search app for Symbian smartphones out to pasture. The search giant plans to kill the app are in addition to the cancellation of a number of its other services. Google says that it will focus its efforts on its mobile web search experience, and that Symbian users can visit www.google.com in their browsers instead of using the app. The company did not say exactly when the Search app for Symbian would no longer be available.

Nokia Asha 302, 303 get Mail for Exchange app
By Dan Seifert on Thursday June 28, 2012

Nokia has announced that the Mail for Exchange app is now available for the Asha 302 and Asha 303 QWERTY-equipped, Series 40 feature phones. Mail for Exchange lets users access their corporate email accounts on their Asha devices and also supports synchronization of calendars and contacts. The app is available for free in the Nokia Store on the Asha 302 and 303 now.

Nokia 808 PureView to be available from Amazon for $699
By Dan Seifert on Monday June 18, 2012

Nokia may have previously said that it would no longer bring any new Symbian smartphones to the U.S., but it appears to be doing an about face on that policy for the 808 PureView. The Finnish phone manufacturer has just revealed that the 41-megapixel camera phone will be available to order from Amazon.com in the near future. Americans will be able to purchase an unlocked version of the 808 PureView for $699, and it can be used on either AT&T or T-Mobile's networks. T-Mobile users will be limited to 2G data speeds, however. Update: Nokia has clarified that the 808 PureView will feature 3G support on both AT&T and T-Mobile and has a pentaband WCDMA radio. The spec sheet released yesterday was incorrect. The 808 PureView's claim to fame is its exceptionally high-resolution camera sensor and 1080p video capabilities, but it is also a fully-featured smartphone as well. Pre-sales from Amazon are due to begin later this week, and interested buyers can hit up Nokia's sign up page for more information as to when the 808 PureView will be available for purchase in the U.S.