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Lenovo Launches K3 Note
By admin on Monday March 23, 2015

Lenovo has released a new smartphone in China today called the Lenovo K3 Note and it will compete with the likes of Xiaomi at and Meizu in the mega-affordable smartphone market. The handset comes with a price tag of just $145, although it is likely to be exclusive to China or other emerging markets.

Lenovo Launches A7000 Smartphone at MWC
By admin on Monday March 02, 2015

Lenovo didn't just announce the impressive Vibe Shot today at MWC, the Chinese heavyweight also revealed an entry level device in the form of the A7000. However, while this handset has a humble price point, it is actually loaded with some decent specs, while it is also bringing a market first along for the ride.

Lenovo Vibe Shot, a Mid-ranger with Amazing Camera Tech
By Luke Jones on Monday March 02, 2015

Lenovo has had its say at the Mobile World Conference today as the Chinese company rolled out a couple of new products. Probably the most interesting of those is the Lenovo Vibe Shot, a handset that is the latest to blur the lines between smartphone and point and shoot camera. Taking one look at the Vibe Shot should tell you all you need to know, it is as much camera as smartphone, certainly in terms of aesthetic.

Lenovo P70 Coming to Europe
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 11, 2015

Lenovo launched the P70 yesterday in its Chinese homeland, a device that comes with some pretty standard mid-range specs, but one significant calling card. The Lenovo P70 packs a 4,000mAh battery which the company says offers 46 days of standby power. A day after unveiling the handset for the Chinese market, the company has shed some light on its availability outside of the country.

Lenovo to Launch Vibe Z3 Pro at MWC
By Luke Jones on Tuesday February 03, 2015

A Chinese reports released today claims that Lenovo is readying a new smartphone, the Vibe Z3 Pro. Of course, in the handset market, Pro in a name means this is a bells and whistles version of the normal Vibe Z3. With that being the case, the Vibe Z3 Pro is packed with market leading specs and will be the latest flagship from the Chinese company.

Lenovo K3 Music Lemon Target Xiaomi under $100
By Luke Jones on Saturday December 06, 2014

The success of Xiaomi has not just hit Samsung hard, other Chinese companies such as ZTE, Huawei, and Lenovo have been affected by the company's rise. Lenovo is attempting to hit back with a well spec'd smartphone that is ultra-affordable, the Lenovo K3 "Music Lemon". Weird name aside, the device is available in China right now and turns out to be a bit of a bargain at around $96 (599 CNY).

Lenovo's Sisley S90 is a competent iPhone lookalike
By Luke Jones on Monday November 10, 2014

China is a hotbed for counterfeit products, just a casual browse through eBay will confirm that. However, even mainstream companies have come under fire, such as Xiaomi with its influences firmly on its sleeve. However, even juggernaut Lenovo is not beyond a little bit of copycatting, just take a look at Sisley S90 for the proof.

Lenovo launches the Vibe Z2 and X2 at IFA
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 04, 2014

Lenovo has rolled out a couple of new smartphones today at IFA, the Vibe Z2 and the Vibe X2. The Z2 is a mid-range device that has the distinction of being the first smartphone Lenovo has ever made with a 64-bit processer, while the X2 is the flagship here and world's first layered smartphone, the Z2 comes with touchless gestures.

Lenovo launches the Vibe Z2 Pro with huge QHD screen
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 06, 2014

The Chinese brands really are delivering the goods in 2014 and giving us some quality alternatives to the more established OEM's. Take Lenovo's latest, the newly launched Vibe Z2 Pro, a huge phablet device that is crammed with market leading specs, has a slick design, and will probably be fairly affordable compared to rivals.

Lenovo's new K920 flagship will arrive next week
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 29, 2014

Lenovo is a leading light in all markets when it comes to PC and tablet, but the company only enjoys smartphone success in Asia, which is why it bought Motorola to have more presence in the US and beyond