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90% adoption rates for iOS 7
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 15, 2014

Look away now Android fans because Apple has released data showing the adoption levels of last year's iOS 7 and as you can imagine the numbers put Cupertino's great mobile OS rival to shame.

Apple snitched on Google over in app purchases
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 09, 2014

When you did something wrong in school and were caught, you probably quickly pointed the finger to whoever else happened to be doing that wrong thing. Welcome to the tech industry ladies and gentlemen, where Apple has for want of a better word snitched on Google to create one of the funnier tech stories of the week.

Apple's marketing pushes the iPhone 6 but protects the iWatch
By Luke Jones on Monday July 07, 2014

If you have been following the mobile tech news over recent weeks then you probably (like the rest of us) know plenty about the upcoming iPhone 6. You will know that Apple's next smartphone flagship will come with a 4.7-inch screen, you will know it is taller, thinner, and more rounded than the iPhone 5s, and you will know that it could well be accompanied by a larger iPhone phablet.

Apple hires watch marketing specialist ahead of iWatch launch
By Luke Jones on Saturday July 05, 2014

It's time to rub your chin and let out an interested hum as Apple's wearable plans seem to be getting just a little clearer. The company has been extremely tight lipped about its ambitions in this growing market, but Cupertino has now employed Patrick Pruniaux, TAG Heuer's sales and retail VP. In other words

Bezel screen cover for iPhone 6 shows the larger display and curvy edges
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 01, 2014

Leaks for the upcoming iPhone 6 has been more like a raging torrent than a tricking stream as something new crops up daily. We know just about everything there is to know about Apple's iPhone 6, from its (admittedly) rumoured specs to its design. The guys and gals over at 9to5Mac have turned up another good look at the design language being employed on the new iPhone with a detailed look at the display cover.

Report: Tim Cook has 12 months to deliver a wow product or lose his job
By Luke Jones on Friday June 27, 2014

There is a genuine worry among Apple stockholders that the company is losing ground to Google. Speaking to several sources in Apple over the last few months I have learned that Tim Cook's position as CEO of the brand is possibly under serious threat over the next year.

T-Mobile confirms plans to offer Wi-Fi calling in iOS 8
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 03, 2014

Apple touted Wi-Fi calling as one of the features that it would bring to iPhone users with the release of iOS 8. T-Mobile US has since announced that it will offer iOS users the chance to place calls over Wi-Fi rather than rely on their cellular connection. T-Mobile already enables this feature on Android phones, so millions of people are have long been able to make phone calls even when the cellular network in an area is not very strong, particularly indoors. The introduction of Wi-Fi Calling in iOS 8 will increase the share of supported devices to over 90 percent of smartphones on T-Mobile's network.

Apple reportedly gets tough on leaks...on the same day more leaks emerge
By Andrew Kameka on Friday May 30, 2014

Apple has grown tired of the increased frequency of its products prematurely appearing on blog sites and in the news, and the Cupertino-based company has taken action by trying to tighten security in China.

Steve Wozniak approves of Beats buyout
By Luke Jones on Thursday May 29, 2014

Whenever something substantial happens over at Apple, the guy who helped start it all is always a good place to start for an honest and refreshing take on events. So with Cupertino?s acquisition of Beats now in the public domain, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has given his own unique take on the situation.

iPhones hackers now holding devices for ransom through Find My Phone
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday May 27, 2014

A number of people are reporting that their iPhones and iPads have been compromised by a hacker or group of hackers who have maliciously triggered Apple's anti-theft phone tracking feature and are refusing to relinquish control until users send money.