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HTC One M9+ Officially Unveiled for Europe
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 16, 2015

We wondered how long this would take. HTC has launched its One M9+ in Europe, the device is a super version of the regular One M9 flagship and the company said when it launched that the Plus would not arrive in Europe or indeed the USA. However, disastrous sales of the One M9 proper have meant the company needs to do something to rejuvenate interest in its flagship line, and as such we would not be surprised to see the One M9+ come to the United States in due course as well.

HTC Announces New Desire 626, 526, and 520
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 15, 2015

HTC is in trouble, the company is losing money and it is evident that the One M9 flagship is not the answer to solving those woes. The Taiwanese giant will instead have to turn to lower end smartphones in its portfolio, such as a bunch of new Desire handsets launched today. HTC has revamped its affordable range and will be hoping to tap into a growing market for budget and mid-range smartphones.

HTC Confirms Android M for 2014 One M8
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 15, 2015

HTC is always among the first to detail its plans for new Android builds and the day Google announced Android M at I/O the company said its One M9 and One M9+ flagships would be getting the software within three months of its release. Now the struggling Taiwanese giant has also confirmed that the 2014 flagship, the One M8, will also be getting Android M.

HTC Share Price Hits 10 Year Low
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 09, 2015

HTC recorded a hefty loss through the last quarter, making a definite end to the company's mini turnaround. With sales of the One M9 struggling and most consumer passing over the flagship, these are dire times for the Taiwanese giant that once stood on the cusp of dominating the market. Just to show how bad things have got, HTC's share price tumbled to a 10 year low.

HTC Records Terrible Second Quarter Loss
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 07, 2015

HTC announced its second quarter financials today and there was not much surprise to see the results were not good. After a number of quarters turning a profit, the company?s minor comeback came to a grinding halt as it dipped below the red line. The reason for that is the lukewarm reception the One M9 flagship received from critic and consumer alike.

HTC Launches One ME in China and India
By Luke Jones on Thursday June 25, 2015

HTC has gone high end crazy this year, launching an array of flagship quality devices that all really are just off-shoots of the One M9, none of them particularly inspiring but all very good handsets. The company has now unveiled the One ME that for all intents and purposes is a renamed One M9+, although the new smartphone is not made of metal like the M9+.

HTC Aero, a Spectacular New Flagship Due in October
By admin on Thursday June 25, 2015

There is little doubt that the HTC One M9 disappointed on so many levels and sales have taken a major hit as consumers turned away from the flagship. The Taiwanese company is now reeling without a successful flag waving handset in most markets, but HTC has said it will launch another top line smartphone later in the year and judging by early rumors it is going to re-introduce us to the HTC we know and love.

HTC One M9+ Available in Europe Unlocked
By Luke Jones on Wednesday June 24, 2015

The HTC One M9+ is a higher spec'd version of the company's M9 flagship, it was launched as an Asian exclusive and HTC said that it would not be heading to Europe or North America. However, if you do live in Europe, you can still get your hands on the device as Dutch retailer GSSMinfo is now offering the unlocked version of the handset, although it is hugely expensive.

HTC One Max Getting Android Lollipop Now
By Luke Jones on Thursday June 18, 2015

HTC is now rolling out Android Lollipop to its One Max, the oversized version of the company's old One M7 flagship. The company is finally getting around to this update because the Max is still a solid mid-range phablet, although it was not a big seller, most consumers preferring (rightly) the more compact One M7.

HTC Denies ASUS Buyout Claim
By admin on Monday June 15, 2015

HTC has wasted no time in shooting down rumors that it is talk to merge with fellow Taiwanese company ASUS. The funny thing about the whole story is that the initial report came straight from ASUS, with the company's chairman Johnny Shih saying that he is not ruling out the possibility of his company purchasing troubled HTC at some point.