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AT&T to carry the HTC One M8 for Windows Phone
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 20, 2014

When the HTC One M8 launched on Windows Phone yesterday it caused a significant stir for all kinds of reasons. However, like other Windows devices, it was tied to one carrier, in this instance Verizon, with the general thought being that the M8 for WP was exclusive to the biggest carrier in the United States. However, it seems that is not entirely the case as Big Red?s big rival AT&T is also getting in on the act.

Daily Burn: HTC, HTC, HTC, Asus and Sony
By admin on Tuesday August 19, 2014

It has been another blazing day of mobile news that was largely dominated by HTC and its One M8 flagship. Just in case you missed the lowdown throughout the day, the Daily Burn is here.

HTC One M8 for Windows launched
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 19, 2014

As was widely expected, HTC launched its One M8 flagship on the Windows Phone platform today, bringing one of Android's best smartphones to Microsoft's OS. The handset is available today running full Windows Phone 8.1 (Cortana and all), but is restricted to Verizon in the US for $99 on a two year contract and $600 off a plan.

HTC One M8 gets Android 4.4.3 (with 4.4.4 fixes) on T-Mobile
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 19, 2014

T-Mobile has today started rolling out Android 4.4.3 to customers on its network using the HTC One M8 smartphone from HTC. On top of getting the full new Android experience users of HTC's flagship handset will also get a bunch of new features and functionality from the Taiwanese company. The patch is arriving as build 2.22.531.5.

HTC launches the Butterfly 2 outside of Japan
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 19, 2014

HTC is really starting to beef up its smartphone line with a variety of devices as the company looks to get back on the good side of consumers after a worrying few years of decline. The latest to arrive is the HTC Butterfly, a handset that boasts plenty of flagship kicks but is much different from the company?s core handset, the One M8.

HTC One E8 to arrive on Sprint
By Luke Jones on Friday August 15, 2014

HTC seems to be entering a new phase of its rebuilding process. The company has already released a number of smartphones in different niches as it said it would

HTC to launch other smartphones on Windows
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 14, 2014

HTC is expanding its horizons later in the month by launching its HTC One M8 flagship on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. At the moment the M8 is very much an Android device, one of the best in fact, but HTC sees a window of opportunity to jump on the growing Windows Phone OS.

HTC to launch in-house services to Android, Zoe first
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 13, 2014

As Android skins go, HTC's Sense UI is one of the better ones, even if it still irks the Android purists out there. The Taiwanese company has been putting its Sense onto Android for a while now, with the UI now in its sixth iteration. Along with Sense, HTC has a number of its own apps and services and the company has decided it is in the sharing mood and will make all of its in house software available on other Android devices.

HTC One Max to return with stunning specs
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 12, 2014

HTC has been eager to spread its One M8 flagship line to capitalize on the success of the Android powerhouse. We have already seen the HTC One Mini 2, but the company then shot down rumours of a super phone version of the M8 called the HTC One M8 Prime. That does not mean that a blazing version of the flagship can now be forgotten, as HTC is rumoured to have something else up its sleeve.

HTC launches the Desire 816 in the US
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 12, 2014

HTC has been rolling out plenty of smartphones in 2014 as the company sticks to its commitment to concentrate on more areas of the market. The Taiwanese giant needs to with sales and demand on the wane and all the pressure seemingly on the shoulders of the HTC One M8 flagship.