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LG G3 gets new Blue Steel color option
By Luke Jones on Thursday November 13, 2014

LG has done that classic thing smartphone companies do to prolong their device by giving it a fresh splash of color a few months after its initial launch. In this case it is the G3 getting the new hue with the Korean company confirming a new colorway for its well liked flagship powerhouse.

LG AKA is a new weird smartphone
By Luke Jones on Tuesday November 11, 2014

LG is keeping up its consistent smartphone releases with another new handset, the oddly named LG AKA, a device that has actually been rumoured over the last month. The company raised the curtain on the AKA in its South Korea homeland today and said that the handset is oriented for young people, and to entice those pesky teenagers the AKA comes with unique cases that turn into different characters (sigh).

LG details bendy screens, smartphones coming in 2017
By Luke Jones on Monday November 10, 2014

While Samsung is making headway in the folded screen department, the company is not alone in this field. Sure, the Galaxy Note Edge is the first such device on the market and Samsung is pioneering the tech, but Korean compatriot LG is also working on its own bendy screen technology. The company says that it will have products ready for 2017.

Android 5.0 coming to LG G3 this week
By Luke Jones on Monday November 10, 2014

LG is jumping on the Android 5.0 Lollipop bandwagon in double time as the company has revealed that its G3 smartphone flagship will be getting this week. The Korean company says that the over the air update will start being issued this week, starting in... Poland. LG said that more important markets will follow in the near future (thought to be this month) and that it will also offer details of other handsets getting Android 5.0 soon.

Sprint to carry the LG G Watch R
By Luke Jones on Saturday November 08, 2014

LG's new round faced G Watch R is already available through the Google Play Store and AT&T in the United States and now Sprint has joined the party. The Now Network has revealed that it will begin offering the G Watch R from November 14th, giving consumers ever more options for buying the Korean company's newest smartwatch. The company will sell the wearable for $25 per month over one year on the Sprint Easy Pay method, or a $300 one off payment.

LG posts massive profit surge in Q3
By Luke Jones on Wednesday October 29, 2014

LG's arrival as one of the main players in the smartphone world continued through the third quarter as the company posted stellar financial results. LG has risen through the ranks over the last 18 months and has used several strategies to place itself among the elite handset manufacturers on the planet.

LG G3 to get Android 5.0 this quarter
By Luke Jones on Monday October 27, 2014

LG as a company will look back on 2014 as the year in which it turned a very important corner in the smartphone world. Sales have increased, the G3 arrived with plenty of hype and lived up to it, and the Korean company is also making its own processors now. What's more, LG is finally getting serious about software, which was first in evidence after even a quick play with its G3 UI, and is now all but confirmed as the company said the G3 flagship with be getting Android 5.0 Lollipop before the end of the year.

LG Debuts G3 Screen and NUCLUN processor
By Luke Jones on Monday October 27, 2014

LG has announced its first ever mobile processor, and no, it is not named Odin (the codename for the chip) but instead will be known as "NUCLUN". I liked Odin better, but regardless the new architecture is rolling out in a new LG device, and there is little surprise to see it is a variant of the G3 flagship. The G3 Screen was launched over the weekend.

LG Liger is the first smartphone with Odin processor
By Luke Jones on Saturday October 25, 2014

LG hit a home run with the G3 flagship and the Korean company knows when it is on to a good thing. That's why just about every device the company has released since has paid more than a passing resemblance to the popular G3. LG's latest smartphone will continue that trend and has leaked online looking like an oversized and less stylized version of the G3.

LG G Watch R to launch early November
By Luke Jones on Thursday October 23, 2014

LG has today confirmed that its G Watch R wearable will be available in major European and North American markets during the first days of November. Asian and CIS countries will also be getting the smartwatch in that time frame while LG has also confirmed that the device will be available in select markets via the Google Play Store.