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LG G Pad 2 10.1 coming at IFA
By Luke Jones on Monday August 24, 2015

LG is launching a new phablet flagship later in the year, but the so-called G4 Pro is unlikely to be unveiled at the IFA trade show in Berlin next month. Instead the Korean company will keeps itself busy by launching a new tablet, the G Pad 2 10.1, a larger version of the 8-inch G Pad 2 that the company launched in South Korea last month.

LG G Watch R gets Wi-Fi Update
By Luke Jones on Monday August 24, 2015

LG's G Watch R is almost a year old, but it is still one of the better Android Wear devices out there and arguably the only one to look like a bona fide timepiece. To keep the wearable up to date LG conformed back in May that the G Watch R will be getting Wi-Fi connectivity at some point. It has taken four months but LG is now finally sending out that update.

LG Trademarks G Edge Smartphone Name
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 19, 2015

LG has gained ground in the smartphone market over the last few years, but 2015 has been tough for the company and South Korean rival Samsung has pulled ahead again. LG has never been shy about copying its larger compatriot and it seems as though history may repeat itself as the company has taken out a trademark for G Edge.

LG's Second NUCLUN Chips Bests Samsung's Exynos 7420
By Luke Jones on Monday August 17, 2015

LG and Samsung share plenty of similarities, and beyond their smartphone businesses too. Following in Samsung's footsteps last year, LG decided to create its own processor division, debuting its own NUCLUN chipset. That processor only made in LG's own South Korea, but the next NUCLUN silicon is likely to have wider appeal as it will be a full flagship processor.

LG Wine Smart Coming to International Markets
By admin on Wednesday August 05, 2015

LG is rolling back the clock to 2004 with its new smartphone and taking a leaf out of Samsung's book at the same time. The oddly named Wine Smart is a flip phone just like the ones we all thought were cool a decade ago but are hardly in vogue in 2015. However, Samsung has continued building flip phones and it seems the Korean company's counterpart LG is also getting in on the act.

LG Announces Mobile Profit of 1.2 Cents Per Device
By admin on Wednesday July 29, 2015

LG's mobile division is riding a rollercoaster at the moment. The huge success of the G3 flagship last year elevated the company to the upper echelons of the market, but sales of the replacement G4 (a fantastic smartphone regardless) have tempered expectations and LG may lose money this year and not meet sales estimates. That said, the company is still in contention for top five smartphone manufacturers globally and thanks to its screen tech has a cash cow beyond its own hardware.

LG President Confirms Second Flagship this Year
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 23, 2015

LG has already said that it will launch a second flagship standard smartphone this year following the launch of the G4. That handset will differentiate itself by being a professional oriented flagship that will either be called the G4 Pro or the G Pro 3. The South Korean company (which was subject of a Google buyout rumor this week) has no reconfirmed that a premium device is indeed imminent.

Google to Buy LG? Rumor Denied as Shares Rise
By admin on Wednesday July 22, 2015

There has been a rather surprising rumor out of South Korea today with several reports suggesting that Google is interested in buying electronics giant LG. The result has been LG's shares soaring at the prospect of the company falling under the wing of the Android owner.

LG Announces Modest Bell II
By Luke Jones on Monday July 20, 2015

LG has announced a new smartphone, a low end device that will aid the company's expansion in emerging markets. The L Bello II does bring with it some of the company's higher end software tricks, but lacks the spec punch of flagship handsets like the G4.

Did the LG Nexus 2015 Pass Geekbench?
By admin on Thursday July 16, 2015

Huawei may be making the brand new Nexus flagship that will launch later in the year, but old Nexus manufacturer LG will also be returning to Google's brand. However, while Huawei will be making a true successor to the Nexus 6 by Motorola, LG will be making a successor to its own Nexus 5, the last handset the company partnered with Google on.