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Plantronics Voyager Edge Review: a Bluetooth headset ideal for the blabbermouth
By Andrew Kameka on Friday June 13, 2014

My love affair with Bluetooth ended last year when I traded my contact lenses in for glasses and grew tired of the awkward dance of having two objects fighting for space on my ear. However, Bluetooth and I rekindled our relationship this year thanks to the Plantronics Voyager Edge.

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD, Marque, and M50 Bluetooth headsets video tour
By Michael Oryl on Wednesday November 30, 2011

Here's a look at three recent Bluetooth headsets from Plantronics, the fully featured and high-tech Voyager Pro HD, which knows when it's being worn or not, the ultra-light Marque, and the inexpensive M50.

Plantronics Celebrates the Simpler, Smarter Mobile Communications Experience
By Michelle Ruhfass on Wednesday October 19, 2011

The Affordable M50 Boosts Plantronics' New Mobile Fall Line-up

Plantronics Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth headset knows when its on your head
By Dan Seifert on Wednesday October 12, 2011

Plantronics has announced the Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth headset, the latest in its high-end line of wireless headsets. The Voyager PRO HD's claim to fame is its Smart Sensor Technology that lets it know when a user is wearing it, and then it can route phone calls appropriately.

Plantronics Marque M155 stereo Bluetooth headset launched
By Michelle Ruhfass on Thursday September 29, 2011

Today Plantronics announced the latest addition to its line of Bluetooth headsets, the Marque M155. This $59.99 Bluetooth headset offers a lightweight form factor, voice-control, and stereo Bluetooth support for music listening.

Plantronics Voyager PRO UC v2 Bluetooth headset with Skype integration
By Michael Oryl on Wednesday January 26, 2011

The new Plantronics Voyager PRO UC v2, which launches today to mark Plantronics' 50th anniversary, features full Bluetooth headset support for not only phones, but also personal computers. It includes integration with Skype and VoIP softphones by manufacturers such as Cisco and Avaya and can use its built-in touch sensors to automatically initiate or transfer calls as it is put on or removed.

Plantronics' touch-sensitive Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth headset review
By Michael Oryl on Wednesday January 26, 2011

The new Plantronics Voyager PRO UC v2 Bluetooth headset comes equipped with a USB dongle for integration with PC based VoIP phones, like Skype, and touch sensors that tell the headset when it is being worn. The Voyager PRO uses these features to great effect, as we find in Michael's review.

Plantronics InstantMeeting conference calling app for BlackBerry, Android now available
By Todd Haselton on Thursday December 09, 2010

Today Plantronics announced InstantMeeting, a conference calling application that's available for BlackBerry and Android smartphones. InstantMeeting will pull your conference call details from your calendar, will remind you of a call, and allows users to launch the call with one touch.

Plantronics Explorer 395 Bluetooth headset video review
By Michael Oryl on Wednesday April 21, 2010

Here's a quick video review of the new affordable Plantronics Explorer 395 Bluetooth headset. The Explorer 395 features a dedicated power switch, a reversible ear loop, and a weight of only 11 grams.

Plantronics Explorer 395 Bluetooth headset launched and reviewed
By Michael Oryl on Tuesday April 20, 2010

Today Plantronics launched its Explorer 395 Bluetooth headset, a device that's targeted at Bluetooth headset newcomers. Michael spent a couple of days with it and has put together a brief review - with video.