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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Blitzes AnTuTu Benchmark
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 04, 2015

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launching next week, there is no surprise that the phablet is passing through benchmark software, with AnTuTu claiming the device passed through its tests. As is usually the case, it means the specs of the handset were also revealed while the Note 5 is shaping up to be the beast we all think it will be.

Galaxy Note 5 Event Scheduled for August 13
By admin on Tuesday August 04, 2015

It seems as though Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Note 5 earlier than normal as was predicted. The company hinted today that its already scheduled August 13th event will be in honor of launching the newest version of its phablet flagship. The Korean giant teased by saying we should "Note" the date, which means you do not have to be a genius to know this means the Note 5 is imminent.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
By admin on Thursday July 30, 2015

While Samsung's high end smartphones like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 occupy all the headlines, the company is the largest handset vendor in the world simply because it sells many other devices besides. Just like the Galaxy S5 Neo, a new handset that has accidently leaked on a Dutch retailer's website, following the device being benchmarked and certified for Wi-Fi a few weeks back.

Samsung Sales Decline but Company Holds Market Dominance
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 30, 2015

Samsung has been the biggest global smartphone brand for several years, but while the company's position at the top is unlikely to change anytime soon, there are certain things happening within the market, resulting in rivals gaining ground. By rivals we of course mainly mean Apple, as Cupertino saw its share of the market rise through the second quarter of the year, with Samsung's lead shrinking.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Landing in Korea July 24
By Luke Jones on Monday July 20, 2015

Samsung announced the Galaxy A8 via its official Chinese division last week, revealing a high end smartphone that is the thinnest the company has ever made. Because of its Asian launch, we speculated that the A8 would land in markets such as China and Samsung?s homeland of South Korea before making its way to Europe and the United States. The company has today confirmed that is the case.

Leaked Photo Shows off Galaxy Note 5
By Luke Jones on Friday July 17, 2015

A new leaked image has landed online that reportedly shows Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 5, the company's latest flagship phablet. The photo follows weeks of leaks, rumor, and speculation around the handset where we have seen design renders, CAD designs, spec leaks, benchmarks, and release date information.

Samsung Spreading Tizen, Bringing Z3 to Europe
By admin on Thursday July 16, 2015

Samsung has not been too ambitious with its Tizen based smartphone so far, but the company certainly has huge plans for its own platform in the long term. The Z1 launched in India and so far is Samsung's only Tizen smartphone (the company's wearables also run the OS), but the Korean giant is going to spread Tizen's wings and may even launch a new smartphone in the process.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Launch August 12
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 14, 2015

There have been plenty of rumors suggesting Samsung will be launching its Galaxy Note 5 during August, earlier than what it normally does. Some noise from the Korean company denied that was the case, but there is no smoke without fire and it is getting more apparent that Samsung will launch its phablet flagship next month, with 12th August the mooted launch date.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Official
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 14, 2015

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy A8, a new device in it's a series that will sit alongside the Galaxy S3, A5, and A7. The new handset is high end, but will sit below the company's true flagships in the midrange A series. Following the A7, the Galaxy A8 takes its honor as the thinnest smartphone Samsung has ever made, while it also comes with a metal build.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gets Android 5.1
By Luke Jones on Monday July 13, 2015

Sprint has today started rolling out Android Lollipop 5.1 for its Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which the company has also pushed out non-Android patches for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Sprint has been consistent with its Galaxy Note Edge updates, with this 5.1 update coming three months after Android 5.0 arrived on the device.