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37 Free Apps Worth $140 on Amazon AppStore
By Luke Jones on Thursday February 12, 2015

I have said numerous times before that it is worth downloading the Amazon App Store for Android as a companion to the Google Play Store. Sure, there are no exclusive titles on there, but every so often Amazon has a blockbuster sale that simply makes its App Store worthwhile, even for Android users. The retail giant is back again with another of those bonanza sales.

Failure of the Year: Amazon Fire Phone
By Luke Jones on Friday January 02, 2015

While deciding our awards there was usually an argument in the office as there are admittedly multiple worthy candidates in each category. However, when deciding the Failure of the Year there was hushed silence, followed by an almost instant outpouring of the same answer... the Amazon Fire Phone.

Amazon App Sale Continues, $110 worth of Apps for Free
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 01, 2015

We told you yesterday that the Amazon AppStore was worth downloading to your Android device because the company has a load of sales throughout the year. Yesterday the company slashed the price on a number of apps and it was a one day deal. If you missed out Amazon has you covered for the next two days because the sale has been extended until January 2nd.

Amazon AppStore Giving Away 33 Free Apps
By Luke Jones on Wednesday December 31, 2014

Amazon's AppStore is growing by huge amounts, and while it has nothing exclusive, it is really worth downloading it to your Android device as a companion to the Google Play Store. Not least because Amazon just keeps having sales, price reductions, and giveaways. Just a week after a free $220 amount of apps were made available, Amazon is back with a new deal.

Amazon to Release New Smartphone in 2016
By Luke Jones on Wednesday December 31, 2014

Most people deserve a second chance, but in the tech industry you don't always get one. Luckily for Amazon, it is a huge company that does not make its money from hardware, so that means the company can afford to have another stab at the Fire Phone.

Amazon Appstore: $200 Free Apps
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 23, 2014

Everyone wants a Christmas present, and everyone wants something for free. With that in mind, Amazon is checking both boxes with a bonanza of an app sale. The company is giving away (as in free) a bunch of apps that total $220 in value. These apps range from a couple of bucks to $64.99 and come from some of the big hitters in the app market, with the sale running from December 24th to December 26th.

Amazon Fire Phone gets Huge Update
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 18, 2014

The Amazon Fire Phone is already a legendary device, but its status in the mobile world is for all the wrong reasons. Amazon, a company used to huge success with retail and even with hardware (Kindle Fire tablets) was well poised to join the smartphone bandwagon. However, the company got a lot wrong in delivering a solid device, but one that did not have flagship specs, was loaded with gimmicks and gateways to Amazon's sales pages, had a flagship price tag and was a carrier exclusive.

Amazon Just Made the Struggling Fire Phone a Bargain ($199.99 Unlocked)
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

The Fire Phone has been an unmitigated disaster from day one for Amazon and we have documented extensively on these pages just what a flop it has been. It seems as though the company has finally decided to concede defeat with the device and has drove the final nail into the coffin of the device with an, ahem, fire sale. The retails giant has decided to make its Fire Phone a full on budget phone.

Amazon Admits Fire Phone Price Fumble
By Luke Jones on Friday October 31, 2014

The Amazon Fire Phone has been the tech disaster of 2014, a fact that has been abundantly clear since the first day of its launch. For the most part Amazon has stood by its ailing handset, but a write off of stock inventory to the tune of $174 million and tumbling losses through the third quarter have been hard to defend.

Amazon's Fire Phone costs the company $174 million
By Luke Jones on Saturday October 25, 2014

Most of us saw from day 1 what Amazon could not see, the Fire Phone would be a massive flop. Here's the thing, it is a good smartphone, but it lacks something, is ugly, has too many gimmicks, and was expensive... it is undoubtedly the mobile disaster of the year. That it is quickly being forgotten sums up the scale of Amazon's miss-step and the retailer has been left with more than hurt pride because of the Fire Phone.