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Apple to launch iWatch next week?
By Luke Jones on Friday August 29, 2014

A story emerged yesterday that said that Apple would launch its first wearable alongside the iPhone 6 in just over a week's time. We held off on this one because there have been so many twists and turns in the iWatch saga, but the rumour is gathering pace as more sources are found. Indeed, I spoke to my own "guy" in Apple and while he could not or did not want to confirm the iWatch is imminent, he did say the iPhone 6 event has a big surprise in store.

LG G Watch R to be expensive, arrives in October
By Luke Jones on Friday August 29, 2014

LG officially unveiled the G Watch R a couple of days ago, the company's second smartwatch and one of the first wearable products in its niche to have a round face. On design alone, the G Watch R instantly became one of the most desirable smartwatches (alongside Motorola's also round Moto 360). However, LG did not reveal the release details for the device, and more importantly kept the price quiet too. Several reports today are changing that as the price and availability of the G Watch R has leaked.

Make calls with Samsung's Galaxy Gear S
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 28, 2014

LG won't be the only Korean company launching a new smartwatch at IFA next week as Samsung will also be rolling out the Galaxy Gear S (not Solo as we reported yesterday). This wearable is arguably the most elegant Samsung has made so far, while it comes with one added differentiator. As we said yesterday when the Gear S was a mere rumour, it will allow taking and making calls directly on the smartwatch.

LG details the G Watch R
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 28, 2014

Rather than wait until the IFA trade show in Berlin next week, LG has decided to shed some light on its upcoming G Watch R by detailing its specs. This is nothing new for the Korean company as it has been showing off products before their official launch all year. The G Watch R is LG's first round faced wearable and could be the first such smartwatch to hit the market.

Samsung to launch new SIM enabled wearable at IFA
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 27, 2014

When a new mobile oriented event arrives, we are not content with just seeing what smartphones and tablets are released as the wearable market is now making its presence felt. No company has done more to pad out the smart watch market than Samsung, but then the Korean giant does that in any category. At its IFA press event in Berlin next week, Samsung will launch yet another smart watch from its Galaxy Gear range.

The Moto 360 may not be the smart watch for you after all
By Luke Jones on Sunday August 24, 2014

Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch is one of the most desirable products of the year and to many it was a new dawn in the wearable market. The 360 had the smartwatch market all for itself simply because it looks premium and also sports a round face, you know, as a watch should. However, Motorola may have made a catastrophic mistake with its strategy as the Moto 360 is no longer alone.

Smart watch market grows 700% in six months
By Luke Jones on Sunday August 24, 2014

The wearable market is a nascent one, we keep being told that it will explode to be worth billions upon billions of dollars within a few years. However, that has not yet really happened as smart watches have failed to capture the public imagination, but they did enjoy a mini explosion over the first half of this year although some perspective is in order.

LG to launch G Watch R at IFA
By Luke Jones on Sunday August 24, 2014

It was revealed earlier in the month that LG was planning to release a G Watch 2 wearable at the company?s IFA event in Berlin in September. I derided the possibility of a sequel to the original G Watch just 2 months after the original landed, and I stand by my derision.

ASUS to launch smart watch at IFA
By Luke Jones on Tuesday August 19, 2014

ASUS is the latest mobile giant to throw its hard into the IFA ring as the Taiwanese company has scheduled a press event for September 3rd. However, while most other companies will be rolling out new smartphones, ASUS will be launching a new smart watch to compete with the likes of LG, Samsung, and of course Motorola.

LG to announce G Watch 2 at IFA?
By Luke Jones on Monday August 18, 2014

Is it us, or do product cycles seem to be getting shorter? We think so, and if this latest rumour about LG is true then we have entered a new level altogether. According to some reports today, the Korean company will announced a sequel to its G Watch Android Wear toting smart watch at the IFA trade show in Berlin next month.