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Moto 360 smartwatch stars in new official demo video
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday June 26, 2014

We're still waiting on Motorola to be upfront about what's coming next to Moto 360, but the company has so far been mum. Though we're short on details, we at least get to see it up close in this new video.

Android Wear launches today, will have plenty of interaction with Android smartphones
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday June 25, 2014

Android Wear will offer users content made for quick glances and time saving updates that would normally take more steps or time when getting that same information from a smartphone. However, the most compelling aspect of what was shared is how Android Wear will interact with Android smartphones.

WattUp recharges devices without wires or charging pads, and it has a new deal to spread adoption
By Andrew Kameka on Monday June 23, 2014

The concept of wireless charging has brought convenience to more people, yet the standard wars and need to be next to the device have skimmed off some of those benefits. A startup named Energous is building a new system that offers wire-free charging, and as strange as it might sound, there is a difference.

Apple set to intro smartwatch with different sizes for October
By Andrew Kameka on Friday June 20, 2014

Apple is gearing up to take on the Samsung Gear and Android Wear with its own smartwatch that will come in a variety of sizes and perform several tasks when it launches in October. The typically reliable Wall Street Journal has spoken with multiple sources that say Apple's long-rumored wearable device will launch this fall and come in multiple flavors in order to appease more customers.

Plantronics Voyager Edge Review: a Bluetooth headset ideal for the blabbermouth
By Andrew Kameka on Friday June 13, 2014

My love affair with Bluetooth ended last year when I traded my contact lenses in for glasses and grew tired of the awkward dance of having two objects fighting for space on my ear. However, Bluetooth and I rekindled our relationship this year thanks to the Plantronics Voyager Edge.

Pebble Steel launching on Best Buy for only $229
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday June 11, 2014

Pebble Steel, the classier and more expensive model of the Pebble smartwatch that dominated the wearable mind share last year, is launching at Best Buy this weekend with new style options and a new price.

Samsung NX30 links with a Galaxy S5 for wireless transfer and remote viewfinder [VIDEO]
By Andrew Kameka on Friday June 06, 2014

Hundreds of people crowded Times Square this week to exchange their old DSLR for a new Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera. This demo showing how the NX30 can link with a smartphone for added features shows one of the reasons someone might follow suit.

Motorola debuts Moto Stream to turn any speaker into a wireless speaker connected to iOS, Android, or Windows
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 03, 2014

Motorola today announced Moto Stream, a small Bluetooth adapter that plugs into a speaker and turns it into an Internet-connected speaker. When paired to an Android, iOS, or Windows smartphone, it can turn an old speaker into a new connected speaker.

LG G Watch appears in hands-on video
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday May 29, 2014

The LG G Watch won't be as flashy or stylish as the Moto 360, but it has one advantage over the Android handset - you can actually get a glimpse of how it works thanks to a hands-on video posted to the web today.

Google hands over the keys to Google Glass by appointing marketing exec as head of the project
By Andrew Kameka on Friday May 16, 2014

Rather than stick with the engineer who has lead the project, Google has turned to a fashion and marketing expert to head its wearable computer venture. Google has announced that fashion executive Ivy Ross is the new leader of Google Glass.