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Sony Releasing Xperia Z4 in summer?
By admin on Monday January 26, 2015

Sony's Xperia Z4 is the company's next all-out assault on the top of the smartphone market and its announcement is very close. It was rumored originally to be getting a CES launch, something that was simply never going to happen, so the next probable launch event would be during the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona through the first week of March, but how likely is that?

Samsung Making Ten New Smartphones, Including the Galaxy J1
By Luke Jones on Monday January 26, 2015

Samsung's new strategy is proving to be a little bit baffling. The company has said it will streamline its portfolio but since then has announced the A series, the E Series, and numerous individual smartphones, while a new series of smartphones is also on the way. Rumors are claiming that the new series of smartphone will be ushered in with the Galaxy J1, a device that will launch soon.

LG G3 Getting Android 5.0 Lollipop Soon
By Luke Jones on Monday January 26, 2015

LG promised that its LG G3 will be getting Android 5.0 Lollipop quickly, a nice surprise considering the handset is still rocking Android KitKat 4.2.2. The Korean company has already updated the device on the international scene, but the United States model is still back on KitKat. However, LG has now announced via Twitter that the update for the G3 in the US is "coming soon".

Asus to Launch ZenFone 2 Mini
By Luke Jones on Saturday January 24, 2015

Asus unveiled the 5.5-inch ZenFone 2 earlier this month and it surprised with its affordability and high end specs, a true improvement over the successful original range launched in 2014. However, Asus has more plans to expand the ZenFone 2 range beyond the two handsets launched at CES (the ZenFone Zoom accompanied the ZenFone 2) and that likely means a new mini version.

Motorola Updates Both Moto G Smartphones in India to Lollipop 5.0
By Luke Jones on Saturday January 24, 2015

If you live in India and own either the original Moto G or the 2014 Moto G then you are in luck as Motorola is rolling out a new update for the handsets in the country. The bump brings the devices up to date with Google's latest Android build, 5.0 Lollipop and is rolling out to the Moto G?s now. India is getting the update a little late as the Moto G was the first non-Nexus device to get 5.0 Lollipop in November.

LG Sold 59.6 Million Smartphones in 2014
By Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015

Life is Good is the motto of LG, and it seems that indeed life is good for the Korean company, especially on the smartphone front. 2014 pointed to a new dawn of promise for the company, the LG G3 put the company at the top of the market with its sheer quality, while pre quarter sales showed the Korean giant was selling more handsets. That has been borne out with a big jump in yearly sales too.

Ivvi's 4.7mm Device will be the Thinnest Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015

The thin war is one, with smartphone manufacturers trying to get their devices as thin as possible. However, most consumers would prefer thicker with better battery life than thin with compromised juice, which is why the likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony, and many more are going thin, but not really thin. Some companies are locked in a war to be thinnest though, and be damned with the battery life.

Meizu Denies Nokia Partnership
By Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015

A report in China this week suggested that Meizu would farm out its MX4 flagship to Nokia and the Finnish company would use the design and puts its own specs and software on to the handset. It seemed a little far-fetched, even though Nokia is actively looking for such partnerships, so there is little surprise to see that Meizu has wasted no time shooting this rumor down.

Samsung to Decline Further Through 2015
By Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015

While Samsung's slide has not reached crisis point in terms of market share and sales, it is certainly at crisis point within the company. Insiders know this is more than a slump, it is a trending slide that needs to be dealt with now or it will never stop. The Galaxy S6 is being viewed as the new dawn, a device created from the drawing board and taking the company in a while new direction. However, according to analysts, Samsung's slide will continue even if the S6 is a success, which honestly it almost certainly will be.

Huawei Exec Says Quad HD Smartphones Need Better Batteries
By Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015

While the move to 2K Quad HD resolution is well underway, some companies are resisting moving to the better res and pixel count. LG was the first to go Q HD with the G3, then a number of devices followed (Nexus 6, DROID Turbo, Xiaomi Note Pro, and Meizu MX4), while Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 will likely be 2K. However, Huawei executive Yu Chengdong has derided Quad HD screens, simply because they are a drag on batteries.