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Sony's new flagship have launch discount in the UK
By Luke Jones on Saturday September 13, 2014

Sony launched the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact at IFA last week and after getting my hands on both handsets I can say that they are very good. Sony is rolling them out quickly too, with both handsets now available in the UK, where certain retailers are even offering them at very enticing prices.

Samsung's Galaxy Alpha arrives in the UK for a hefty price
By Luke Jones on Friday September 12, 2014

Samsung's premium tinged Galaxy Alpha smartphone launched last month and is now steadily rolling out around the globe. It landed in the United Kingdom today, finding its way to The Carphone Warehouse, available via the company's web store and in bricks and mortar locations dotted around the country.

Windows Phone budget guide winter 2014
By Luke Jones on Friday September 12, 2014

Microsoft's struggles to grow the Windows Phone platform have been myriad, but one of the main problems has been giving the consumer choice. Nokia did an amazing job in every aspect, delivering smartphones of different styles and price points, but in the past if you wanted a Windows Phone you were limited to the Finnish company and the odd effort from elsewhere.

Get and iPhone 6 now... fast
By Luke Jones on Friday September 12, 2014

The biggest launch in smartphone history? Oh, that would be the current roll out of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's latest and I presume greatest flagships. Expect sales records to tumble as rabid Apple fans tear themselves to pieces to get an iPhone, with millions upon millions expected to sell this weekend. The launch has actually been fraught with problems though, but despite that, both the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus are already selling out.

How to backup and delete you current iPhone before buying the iPhone 6
By admin on Friday September 12, 2014

You watched Apple's iPhone 6 launch event, you are a long time iPhone fan, and you thought that you would like to replace your old iPhone for the latest and greatest. As the clock strikes midnight tonight you will be able to pre-order the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and have it on September 18th. However, how do you ensure that you are doing everything right when trading in your old iPhone, and keeping your data safe?

AT&T stopped Amazon/HTC budget device
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 11, 2014

Amazon's Fire Phone is the smartphone flop of the year and two months after launch is on a very slippery slope to obscurity. Expect the device to disappear entirely within a few months as consumers have just not warmed to the handset that started life as an expensive flagship. In terms of specs the Fire Phone gets plenty of things right, but went against Amazon's tablet model of selling affordable products.

Sony ends update support for a number of Xperia smartphones
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 11, 2014

Sony has been updating plenty of its handsets of late, with the likes of the Xperia M 2 and Xperia Z series all being treated to the latest versions of Android 4.4. However, if you are rocking the Xperia SP, M, L, or C then you can forget about any future support because the Japanese company has cut those devices loose today. Sony confirmed that none of those handsets will get future update beyond today.

HTC invite points to new selfie oriented device
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 10, 2014

HTC was kind enough to send us an invite this evening for a press event that it is holding on October 8th in New York City, and we'll even get to have drinks afterwards. However, enough about the jet set life of the tech writer (it's not really) and on to what exactly HTC will be announcing during the event.

Microsoft to ditch Nokia branding
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 10, 2014

Microsoft's recent history with Nokia has been a fruitful one; it helped to put Windows Phone on the map and Nokia had such success on the platform that Microsoft bought the Finnish company's devices division. Since then Redmond has been churning out its own smartphones with the Nokia Lumia branding, but it seems Microsoft is now willing to let go of Nokia altogether.

The good, the bad, and the ugly: the inconvenient truth about the iPhone 6
By admin on Wednesday September 10, 2014

Apple launched the iPhone 6 yesterday in what was a very successful and warmly received media event for the company. The device is very good, easily the best Apple has made so far and has plenty going for it in almost every regard. However, that does not mean there are no problems and after getting to know the iPhone 6 a little better we can offer a clearer impression.